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HELP! I can’t get my child to write . . .

We’ve all been there. Making our children sit down to WRITE seems like punishment for them and for us. Us, when they throw a fit, cry, or refuse to do it . . . sound familiar?

How about these real life writing experiences . . .

  • LISTS – make a grocery list of your favorite foods, make a list of all the toys you want, make a list of your friends, make a list of your favorite animals in order of preference, etc.
  • POSTCARDS – buy or make postcards – think of friends to write to, or family, and write a quick hello and how are you.
  • DEAR MOM – write a letter to argue for a pet or an allowance raise, make sure you list all the reasons you should get it.
  • TABLE PLACE CARDS – write down everyone’s name and make a seating arrangement for the table. (Even little ones can do this)
  • DIARY – get a new diary and write something every day — mom and dad can’t read it!
  • SUGGESTION BOX – Make a suggestion box for your family, and have family meetings to discuss.
  • MAP – Draw and label a map of your backyard, neighborhood, or park
  • ALL ABOUT BOOK – on your favorite subject (worms, ghosts, rocks, solar system, airplanes) – use the internet and books from the library
  • SURVEY – conduct a survey about favorite foods, favorite ice cream flavors, (can make into a graph later)
  • COMPUTER WORD PROCESSING -Write something on the computer and add pictures from clip art.

Does this help? Will you comment and let me know if you’ve found any that work for your child or other ideas that you’ve tried?


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