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Exercise your body — with a frisbee

Don’t you want to tell your kids to just “go outside and play, already?” Do you hear, “But, there’s nothing to do”? Well, how about some Frisbee fun then!

Getting active with kids is all about the fun. First, show your child how to turn the Frisbee into the body, and pitch it out flat. Practice that a bit.

Now you’re ready for Frisbee Action.

Grab a stick, use a tree, aim for a fence and throw. Call it what you will but I call it target practice. (Or Frisbee Golf when you get good.)

My kids favorite is one child holds a hula hoop while the other tries to get the Frisbee through the hoop. I suggest a soft Frisbee for when it hits your child in the head. Ouch. It happens.

Family Fun suggested a game with two Frisbees – basically the object is to never have the two be on the same side at once. So the players are always throwing, catching, throwing, catching. Endless. We like that at my house. Let mom read a book while you perfect that game.

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