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All kids are smart. Really.

Children differ.  Does your child . . .
love animals?
like to work with others?
like to set goals?
enjoy singing?
do mental math easily?
like word games?
love maps?
excel in sports?

Everyone is smart. In some way. The examples you just read show the different ways in which children are gifted, or in other words, smart.

Parents, you know your kids are smart. But did you know that there are many ways of smart? Multiple Intelligences Theory (from research done by Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard) identifies eight different intelligences or ways of being smart – where as traditionally we think of smart as linguistic and mathematical. Gardner suggests we expand our thinking.

Thomas Armstrong, PhD paraphrases Gardner’s eight intelligences into kid language in his book, You’re Smarter Thank You Think as . . .

Word smart: reading, writing or speaking, foreign languages, story telling, spelling, & more
Music smart: music, singing, instruments, & more
Logic smart: numbers, math, patterns, science
Picture smart: visualize, like art, designing
Body smart: coordinated, athletic, like acting, crafting, repairing
People smart: interested in others, lots of friends, join groups
Self smart: understand self, journal, plan, goal oriented
Nature smart: observe, classify, enjoy outdoors, gardening, cooking

What are you?  What is your child?  Here’s an online test and a printable test.

Try this Fruit Game activity with your toddler to develop all of the intelligences.  Start out with . . . “I’m thinking of a fruit that is round, red, juicy,” sing songs about apples and show the shape of an apple with your hands or body.  See full details by clicking on the link.

Here are some activities for each of the intelligences.

Try these challenging Multiple Intelligences activities online. (for you)

Why does it matter?  What do you think?


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