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Strength Baby Strength

Formalities first. The phone hasn’t rung. We’ve received zero
emails. Nothing. No news. Nada. How does that make us feel? Don’t
really want to talk about it. Or think about it really. It just is. There’s nothing we can do to speed it up or force the issue. And so life as we know it goes on. Most of the time, it goes on very happily. And during the times where it’s not so happy, we gain more strength in the now.

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a pregnant woman choosing a family
to raise your child? Ever wonder what it’s like to carry a little one
for 9 months, knowing that you won’t comb her hair or brush his teeth
or walk, hand in hand, through parking lots? I never did until we met
dude’s birth mom. Until we started meeting strong people who make the
unbelievably difficult decision to let their kids be raised by some one
else. Someone they typically don’t really even know. Below is a story
from an anonymous author off a site I follow religiously. You’ll
definitely want to check her out…she finds moms from every walk of life and tells their stories. And then some. She’s Design Mom – give her a read.

Adoption Story from Anonymous:
“I didn’t want to get pregnant. A crazy night with an emotionally
physical goodbye led to what I didn’t know then would be the hardest
goodbye of my life. It was the summer of my sophomore year of college
at a very small private liberal arts college. I was working two jobs to
pay for the next semester’s tuition. I had loans for the air I breathed
and was always struggling to make ends meet. I was living for free in
the basement of a friends’ parents’ house, who made me tuna fish and
toast for breakfast almost daily. I would come home on my lunch break
in time to watch Murder She Wrote with her 70 year old parents while
they made me tuna fish sandwiches for lunch.

Between working two jobs and ending a serious relationship, I was
tired. I was so tired I went down to the basement and slept for nearly
24 hours, missing two entire episodes with Angela Lansbury. I got in
the shower and could swear my boobs were getting bigger. They were sore
and I figured I would start my period sometime soon. A week passed and
still no period. Then one day at work I threw up what felt like and
entire summer’s worth of tuna fish sandwiches. I started to get
worried. I drove over to his house. When I showed up he was waiting on
the door step. Somehow he knew. We both knew. We silently walked the
block to the grocery store and bought every pregnancy test that said
“accurate reading”. We went to his house and I went in to the bathroom.
I’ll never forget that night.” Click here for the rest of the story…..

This is me again….Birth moms are heroes. True and miraculous
heroes who give their children the gift of a life they can’t afford to
give, whether it be emotional, financial or spiritual. They don’t
forget that little life that once kicked them in the gut over and over
and moved to the sound of their distinct voice. They don’t forget.
And for many moms, the pain of letting go doesn’t ever leave
completely. Thank god for the strength of these women. Without them,
I wouldn’t have my strength. Now I just pray for strength for the mom
out there who will choose us to welcome her teeny one. Strength for
her and strength for us in getting to the point of peace and all being
right with the world.

Guest Blogger Gwen is expecting…for the second time. And once again, no baby bump or stretch-marks will grace her with their pending bambino. Step inside their world of growing a family through adoption. Follow along here at Mile High Mamas and her blog and get a candid feel for the ups, downs, highs, lows and surprises that go hand in hand with the struggles of infertility and the miracle of adoption.  (Stock photo by duchesssa)

Mile High Mamas
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