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The Soup Was On for SOUP! 2010

Guest Blogger Suzanne attended this year’s SOUP! Event, and she provided the following photos of the event as well!  You’ll see Dawn (of CCIC), Suzanne with two other attendees (including Mile High Mama, Lalagirl!), and Colorado Lieutenant Governor Barbara O’Brien. Suzanne also writes at her blog, Crunchy Green Mom.

One of my favorite parts of blogging is the social aspect of it. I get to meet other women from many facets of society that I might never have met before. Women who work from home or work in high rises downtown. Mothers that stay home and work with their kids, or Mothers who work outside the home and might not get to see their kids all that much.

We all have something in common: We are doing what we love, and we’re helping the community we live in.

For over a decade, the Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition (CCIC) has worked to train, inform and assist our community about Children’s Immunizations, the benefits of getting our kids up to date and the detriments of what could happen if you don’t.

So, the past three years they have put on a great “Thanks” to the supporters as a fundraising even and a pretty original idea for a benefit.

I had the pleasure of attending SOUP 2010.

SOUP 2010 …. What’s that?

SOUP 2010 was at the Cable Center, it raised funds and treated guests to samples of soup from ten of Denver’s premier restaurants: Coral Room, Table 6, Dazzle, Red Tango, Il Posto, Jax, Le Central, Lola, Root Down, and Sushi Hai. Guests voted for their favorite soups; Root Down walked away with the Best Soup award for their Organic Carrot & Thai Red Curry Soup and Lola was awarded Most Creative Soup.

Colorado Lieutenant Governor Barbara O’Brien was awarded with the 2010 Big Shot of the Year award by CCIC for her dedicated work with the health of our children.

CCIC had over 180 people in attendance and collected $21,000 in donations to fund programs and training offered by the organization. The event was sponsored by the Gay & Lesbian Fund and Colorado Capital Bank.

Next year, consider coming out for this event. The tickets can be bought at the door and the cause is a good one.

I know the question will come up: where do I stand on the immunization issue? It is a big one amongst us moms, like circumcision, breast feeding and being a working mom, some one wants to be able to judge someone based on these choices, as a mom of six I have done them both.

My oldest is up to date on her immunizations. The following two children were delayed for years by personal choice. My fourth is up to date and my two baby girls were delayed by 3 months, with their immunization staggered. Why? I didn’t want my kids to have legs full of band-aids. Because if something went wrong I wanted to know what did it without confusion.

I didn’t make the decision based on what I had read in numerous magazines or blindly follow what my doctor said, I did what I felt was right. My children are healthy, happy and safe in and out of school. They are protected and I feel like this is a personal choice and not one that should be mandated through laws.

That is why I support and appreciate the CCIC. They are full of information, and I can go to them with any question I have about immunizations.

Now, I have an 18 year old daughter that is a 12 year survivor and thankfully without any side effects, Spinal Meningitis, going off to college and will need this shot. She was terrified she would have a “relapse” and is thankful to have a place to research it before she refused the require immunization out of fear.

Go see for yourself at the CCIC website, research it, before you have a baby, after you have a baby. See what you learn and make your own decision.

Now, what do you think? Why did you choose to/not to immunize your kids? Do you chose certain ones or take them all at the required time? Please understand this is a delicate topic so respect your fellow commenters.

Mile High Mamas
Author: Mile High Mamas

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  1. Sounds like a great event. I was sorry to miss it this year!

    I definitely immunize my kids but made sure to educate myself first before undergoing everything. I wanted to ensure is was the best decision for my children. And in the end, the benefits of getting them immunized far outweighed any negatives/fears I had.

  2. This was a great event, and I love that the CCIC educates families about vaccinations without being preachy or using scare tactics.

  3. After much debate we made the decision to immunize our son. Left to make the decision on my own, I would not have chosen to do all the vaccinations we did. Some, but not all.

    In particular I was disappointed about the chicken pox vaccine. It’s an interesting story: my son contracted the disease from the vaccine and as clear-cut as it was, his pediatrician refused to diagnose it as chicken pox. She recorded it in his chart as a “skin rash” because she did not want to report a problem with the vaccine (which was still very new 8 years ago). Of course we switched doctors and the new one corrected the chart. As luck would have it, I contracted the disease from my son (even though I thought I had immunity) and at age 27 I spent 4 miserable weeks house-bound.

    I’m not a big proponent of vaccination. Although I recognize it has many benefits, in the cases of most recent products, I don’t find evidence that the benefits outweigh the risks. I am especially wary of the pharmaceutical companies and the chemicals and preservatives they would have us believe are safe.

    I respect the parents that choose vaccination but I caution everyone to do their research well (especially for flu, H1N1, HPV and other ‘optional’ vaccines) and make a fully informed decision about each of the vaccinations you are offered .

  4. What a great event!

    We vaccinated our daughter on the schedule recommended by our pediatrician. (We did a lot of research in finding a pediatrician we could trust, and I’m SO THANKFUL we have the relationship we do with him.) I remember having a huge sense of relief when she was fully-protected. Not only is she safe, but those around us who can’t get immunized are safer, too. I am so glad we have access to affordable vaccines!

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