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Spring Showers! Aden + Anais Blankets Product Review

It’s spring and showers are a plenty. We’re not talking rain showers; we’re talking baby showers. It seems as though it’s not only the animals that have babies come this season, but every single one of your girlfriends as well! With the endless options of baby paraphernalia and an over abundance of product, we’ll make it easy for you. Just stick to Aden + Anais and you won’t go wrong.

If you have a newborn, a friend or family member with a newborn or want to be an in-the-know-infant guru, get familiar with the brand Aden + Anais. (pronounced Adain and Anae) The company only makes a handful of items and every product is made of cotton muslin. I’m not exactly sure what the difference is between the two cottons, but I sure as heck can feel the difference.

I was hesitant to spend much money on baby items. You use blankets, clothes and socks a handful of times and it is over. However, I totally fell in the trap and have bought my girlfriends those adorable cotton and fleece swaddle blankets from Target and Babies R Us. I even bought a dozen for my own son. They have the cutest patterns in the most exquisite colors and it’s too hard to resist.

RESIST. Here’s why. Those blankets fit a 5-pound baby for three days. I’d never had a newborn, so I had no idea what those blankets were even used for. Swaddling is a word, mantra and lifestyle you live by for your infant’s first few months of sleep, so a good blanket is important. Actually, it’s critical. After Hank the Tank arrived at 9 pounds, I realized, those other blankets were a joke. I let my 5-pound Teacup Pomeranian build a rag fortress with the useless blankets.

By 8-weeks old, my baby was strong enough to wrestle a medium-sized Australian crocodile, how the heck could I keep his arms and legs strapped down to his body with those other blankets? I was going to need a roll of duct tape to make it through the night. I was desperate. Then someone bestowed upon us Aden + Anais. My life changed forever.

These are large, extremely soft, cotton blankets that are breathable. Hank was a summer baby, but still needed to be wrapped up like it was the dead of winter. These blankets are nearly twice the size of most other blankets and the theory is you can wrap the blanket around the baby as many times as needed. The lightweight material is amazing at insulating those little ones from both heat and cold. And yes, Hank tested it out at a couple months, you can put the blanket over your mouth and fall asleep and still breathe through the material, thank goodness.

I got the blanket on a Saturday. By Tuesday of the following week my package had arrived with 4 more of the blankets. I won’t tell you the damage I did once I realized Aden + Anais also makes a version for Target of a few of their products such as bibs, sleepsacks and the blankets. The 4 pack of blankets are even $10 cheaper at Target than the original brand. However, the quality is not as good as the originals found online and at boutiques. A set of four (4) blankets is $29.99 at Target or $44 on the Aden + Anais website. They also have bamboo blankets and an assortment of other cotton muslin products such as bibs, washcloths, sleep sacks and more.

I recently gave a set of the blankets to a friend who had her second girl. She opened up the package of colorful pink and white blankets like, seriously, more? Two days later I had an e-mail that Liv loved them and she needed more for the 2-year-old. Remember the life cycle of a baby blanket.

Swaddle blanket = blanket for sitting on and playing = large napkin for clean up = towel for pool = bed for dog = rag for car = blanket for next child

The Aden + Anais will happily suit all the above needs. It’s an affordable option and a damn good product.

Julie B
Author: Julie B

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