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An Adventure in Every Bucket – Win a Bucket of Treasure Dough!

My 4-year old daughter loves playing with play-dough (homemade versions and the official store-bought brand of similar spelling). She loves making doughy objects, serving me food items, and creating her own creatures. She even loves mixing the colors together. Try as I might, this still makes me twitch…but that’s not what this review is about.

(Photo credit: Treasure Dough)

Recently, we had the opportunity to check out a new product called “Treasure Dough.” It’s made here in Colorado, and I love supporting our local businesses. Plus, I was intrigued by the concept and was excited to see what it was like.

We went on to their website, and I let Claire choose the one she wanted to try. (This is not a paid review.  We were offered a free bucket of Treasure Dough in exchange for an honest review.  Treasure Dough retails for $16.)

Would she reminisce about our days traveling to the beach and choose Under the Sea? Would she foster her love of the Zoo and choose to find the animals in the Zany Zoo bucket? Would she explore her newfound love of Dinosaurs and choose the Dino Diggers?

One look at the website, and the answer was clear. “Look at the princess one, Momma! I want to try the pink one!”

The Princess Loot it is!  Big shocker.

When the bucket arrived, I was surprised to see that it wasn’t full. There are two pounds of treasure dough in every bucket, but I was used to those other brands that fill their little tubs to the brim. But, when my daughter took one look at it, I knew why they’d done that.

“I see jewels peeking out!” she said. And, it was true! You could see some of the treasures just waiting to be found.

I cracked open the lid, plopped the Treasure Dough out onto her little table, and she dug in. Literally. She loved it. For the next two hours, she found every single jewel and treasure. Then, she’d hide them again and start over. Sometimes she’d have me hide them for her, which is a small price to pay for two hours of peace and quiet.

Every time she gets out the bucket of Treasure Dough, I know that she’ll be occupied for good chunk of time, and that’s awesome.

A few days later, one of Claire’s friends came over to play with us. He’s a 6-year old boy and not at all into the pink princess things of life. “Wanna play with my treasures!?” she asked him. In true Claire-style, it was more of a demand, rather than a request.

He took one look at the pink dough and started to formulate an escape plan. “You know…” I said, trying to alleviate an altercation. “If you ignore the fact that it’s pink, there are some really cool pirate treasures hidden in there.”

And it worked.

The two little pirates spent an incredibly large (and joyously quiet) amount of time finding buried treasure. When all the jewels had been found, they’d take turns hiding their loot. Every treasure they found was an exciting discovery. What they say is true! There really is an adventure in every bucket.

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Author: JoAnn

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