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More From Our Schools Speaker Series

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Want to help ensure that all kids in your community receive the very best education?

Save the Date to join us for the next speaker in the More From Our Schools series!

Thursday, March 4th – from 5:30 – 7:00 pm.
Valdez Elementary school located at 2525 W. 29th Ave. in Denver

The event is FREE, there will be food available and free childcare is provided. There will also be Spanish translation during the program.

Space is limited! Please RSVP to Claudia Winkler at [email protected] or at 720-932-1544.
Let her know if you think you will need child care when you RSVP!

Our third and final speaker is Ben Austin, a member of the Los Angeles Parents Union and the founder of Parent Revolution.

Mr. Austin has dedicated much of his career to fighting for every child in California to get a great public education. Prior to joining the Parents Union, he directed the successful campaign to transform Locke High School from the worst high school in Los Angeles into a college preparatory model of reform. In 2006, he also created Parent Revolution—a coalition of organizations fighting to transform schools in LA. His work with the Parent’s Union is focused on the following belief: “For too long, everyone else had been in charge of their children’s schools: Politicians. Bureaucrats. Special interests. They had the power. Parents were told to do the bake sales. Now it’s the parents’ turn to take back the power over their children’s education. Parents are the only ones who will always stand up for our children, no matter what.”

What is this speaker’s series?
It’s a chance for you to learn how the community can advocate for an excellent education for all youth. We’re bringing nationally renowned speakers to you so you can be empowered to expect and demand more from our schools. Hear new ideas, ask questions, and learn what you can do.

Who’s behind it?
This series has been created by a group of educational and non-profit organizations who want to make sure that Denver parents and communities have the best information to improve our schools. Sponsoring organizations include A+ Denver, Metro Organizations for People (MOP), Padres y Jovenes Unidos, Get Smart Schools, The Urban League, and Stand for Children.

Why now?
Over the last several years, Denver Public Schools (DPS) has wrestled with how to create better schools; yet, despite these efforts, we continue to have a shortage of quality schools to serve DPS students.

● What does that mean to your community, your family, and your kids?
● What role can you play?
● How can you demand more for Denver kids and create change?

Visit to read about the third dynamic speaker, too.

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