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Have a child who has food allergies? Here is a super helpful iPhone application that has a listing of over 1500 ingredients and their associations to about 150 allergen groups, Picky Eater iPhone application by I am sure there are occasions when parents are out and about and not sure about some of the ingredients in the food their children are about to eat. Picky Eater gives parents the ability to quickly look up a specific food and check the associated allergens to the food.  This application is a great resource to have in a purse or pocket when shopping or out for dinner. I was able to try Picky Eater for free. This application  is very straight forward, easy to use, and beneficial for parents of children who have food allergies.

I have 3 free promo codes available to use this very special application. Please feel free to contact me at if you are interested in a free promo code. Act soon, the promo codes expire.

It has a listing of over 1500 ingredients and their associations to about 150 allergen groups. It works off of the Cooking Allergy Free database of ingredients and allergens, which has been a huge help to people who aren’t prepared and don’t know what to do when they or their children are told they can’t eat certain food groups.

“Picky Eater” for the iPhone (or iPod Touch) has all the allergy and ingredient information from Cooking Allergy Free, and puts it in the palm of your hands. It’s packed with the almost 2000 ingredients and their relationship to over 150 different allergen groups that you can find on the site.

Available now for only $1.99, and with the ability to update itself as new ingredients are added, you’ll want to have this in your pocket whether you’re at the store, out to eat, or preparing your next meal!

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