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simplehuman Fingerprint-Proof Rectangular Recycler Review

Don’t you just love finding new products that make your life easier?  Well, I do.  I am all for anything that helps me to get organized or simplify life.  I recently found a website called  I fell in love with almost every product they offered.  I was very excited when I was able to review one of the products from their site.  It was the fingerprint-proof rectangular recycler.

This recycling can is perfect for mommies with little kids whose hands leave fingerprints on everything.  It is also wonderful for the person who has helping the planet in mind by recycling.  The rectangular recycler has two compartments.  They are color coded so even a small child can know which side is for trash and which is for recycling.  This works well for teaching them early about taking care of the planet through recycling.  One side is 16L and the other is 30L, so there is plenty of room for all your trash removal/recycling needs.  This recycling can uses standard size trash bags or you can purchase the simplehuman can liners. 

The fingerprint-proof rectangular recycler is attractive and comes in fingerprint-proof stainless steel.  It is sleek and very space efficient.   The design helps it to hug the wall.  It has an easy to use foot pedal so you never have to worry about your hands being full with trash.  Another unique feature is the Lid shox.  Lid shox allows for the lid to shut slowly, so it is smooth and quiet.  No slamming here folks!  This is so great for those of us with little kids.  You never have to worry about little fingers getting smashed.  Of course, remember the best part is it is fingerprint-proof.  Nothing is worse than having little fingerprints that you have to clean off all the time. 

I love simplehuman products!  They really do have all kinds of amazing products that fit anyone’s lifestyle and budget.  Visit to see what else you are missing out on.  Happy Holidays!

*I received a fingerprint-proof rectangular recycler for review.  The opinions expressed in this review are from my experience with this product.  This was not a paid review.


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