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Recently I was able to try a free online voice recording of a book for my child from Colorado based, What is you might ask? Well, is a very special website. Through, parents, loved ones, grandparents, dads, moms and more can record their own voice reading a book to a child. has an extensive library of books to choose from. The person recording can browse through, pick a book, then supplies the actual words to the book from which can be read and recorded right to your computer.  Then the voice recording can be sent electronically. Your child can then go to the account, listen and read the online book along with their loved one’s voice.

I tried a free recording, it was simple and fun to do. My daughter was able to then listen to the recording, she thought is was cool to hear my voice on the computer! I thought it would also be a great idea for my husband to record his voice reading a bedtime story so my kids can listen to it when he is away on a business trip.

People are using for several different reasons…..

Stay close to kids in another geographic location.
Pre-record stories to entertain children during long auto, plane and train trips.
Capture the voice of a loved one whose health is failing.
Meet school requirements for read-aloud time.
Supplement in-person literacy instruction (teachers can actually record instructional
comments along with the text of a book).
Give a gift that doesn’t take up any space and is eco-friendly. was created by Jaye Kephart, a Denver businesswoman who career as a speech-language pathologist. When she learned that her sister Susan had terminal cancer, Jaye brainstormed for ideas on how to create a legacy for Susan. Jaye made a box-kit of sorts, containing all the materials needed for making personal audio recordings of children’s stories, including helpful hints and reading instructions. In addition to fostering literacy, Jaye felt these recordings would ensure a deeply personal connection between Susan and her grandchildren, even when Susan was no longer “there.” is an easy, cost-effective way to promote literacy and strengthen important family connections. brings you and the special kids in your life many hours of joy!

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