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Daily Deal-80% off

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Want to eat out at a nice restaurant, but can’t afford it?  Check out this deal!

Right now has their gift certificates on sale for 80% off.  That means you can get a $50 gift certificate for $4, $25 gift certificate for $2, and a $10 gift certificate for $.80.  Hurry-today is the last day!

There are a lot of restaurants to choose from in the Denver area; Ted’s Montana Grill, Sketch, and ChitChat Bistro to name a few.  Be sure to read each restaurant’s requirements as they vary from restaurant to restaurant.

Here’s an example of a great deal you could get:

Purchase a $50 gift certificate to the restaurant Sketch.  It only costs you $4 with the sale.  You must purchase at least $35 at Sketch plus they add 18% gratuity to your bill.  So say your total is $52.00 plus the tip-so $61.36 total.  You pay with your $50 gift certificate.  Now your out of pocket at the restaurant is only $11.36.  Add in the $4 you paid for the gift certificate and you only paid $15.36 for a meal that would have cost you $61.36!  A savings of $46.00!

Be sure to use the coupon code ENTREE to receive the discount.  Order yours today before the code expires!  You’ll be able to print the gift certificate and be on your merry way to enjoying a great meal without spending too much!

Have a great deal?  Email me!

danielle at milehighmamas dot com

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