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Don’t Miss Two Great Events That Honor Inspiring Women!

MS survivor and mountaineer Wendy Booker has climbed a few mountains…and has moved a few in the process.

She will share her inspiring story at the annual event “Moving Mountains” on October 29 at 6 p.m. about how she used mountain climbing as a way of coping with a life-altering diagnosis of MS. Lt. Governor Barbara O’Brien will host the event taking place at the Denver Newspaper Agency. Moving Mountains benefits The Women’s Wilderness Institute, a Boulder-based non-profit offering wilderness experiences for women and girls.

When first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1998, Booker was devastated. It took very little time for her to transform anguish into inspiration. She immediately turned her hobby of casual running into a continuous pursuit and has now completed nine marathons. Although her doctors discouraged the idea, concerned that it would worsen her symptoms, she decided to continue running for her sanity. Staying active was her way of coping and accepting her condition.

Moving Mountains is The Women’s Wilderness Institute’s annual fall fundraiser. Nationally recognized speakers address the community on a topic relevant to the Institute’s mission. Each talented speaker highlights the impact that strong girls and women have in leading strong, vibrant communities and making the world a better place. Moving Mountains is a critical source of funding to help ensure that The Women’s Wilderness Institute’s programs are affordable and accessible to preteens and teens from low-income families. Tickets for Moving Mountains are $100 and are available at or by calling 303-938-9191.


Know an inspiring woman in business?! Entries are now open for the First Annual Leading Lady Awards ceremony and luncheon. This event celebrates Colorado women entrepreneurs and their contribution to the local economy and will be presented Nov. 5 by Ladies Who Launch Colorado.

TaRhonda Thomas, 9News anchor, will emcee the ceremony, designed to recognize Colorado women business owners of all ages, backgrounds, industries and stages of launch. Through this event, Ladies Who Launch and its partners will bring together the growing community of Colorado women entrepreneurs and to provide these outstanding women with the tools, training and products they need to succeed.

Applications are being accepted through Oct. 16 and can be submitted at

Win a Bundle of Products for Your Bundle of Joy!


On Saturday morning, Mile High Mamas presented some baby safety and health items live on the air at Denver ABC Channel 7Click here to see the video.

We hope you had a chance to tune in and check us out!  As an added bonus, we are giving away a Bundle of Products for your Bundle of Joy: Two Baby B’Air flight vests (two sizes included in contest), Two packs of Tilty Cups, a Baby Briefcase, and a NeckSavers Pillow!

Click here for a chance to win!

There was a lot of information to fit into the live segment, so here are some more details about the products, including prices and official product websites:

Baby B’Air – the best safety solution for lap held children while traveling in an airplane. FAA-approved. The Baby B’Air is the perfect solution for all babies, securing them safely to their parent so that both baby and parent are comfortable and there is no potential for baby falling. The Baby B’Air is worn by the infant like a vest. Baby B’Air is used by simply connecting it to the seat belt of the adult. The baby can then be held, fed and even changed while both parent and child remain securely fastened in their seat. $34.95,

Tilty Cup – a revolutionary infant training cup that makes learning to drink easier. Tilty’s angled interior and flow control lid allows a child to hold it like a normal cup and drink without having to suck or tilt the cup down like a sippy cup. 5.99 per 2 pack,

As Seen on TV

BabyBriefcase – a document organizer designed specifically for parents and their babies and toddlers. BabyBriefcase stores all the documents and information relating to a new baby in a way that makes everything easily accessible whether at a hospital, doctor’s office, on vacation or anywhere else. $29.95,

NeckSavers – the most versatile head and neck support for babies, ergonomically designed to reduce strain on the neck and cradle a baby’s head, keeping it from slumping or flopping while the baby sleeps. Made of soft, hypoallergenic material designed to absorb moisture, the NeckSaver is comfortable for baby year-round. $12,

Sport-Brella** – gives instant protection from the sun, rain, and wind with its domed shape, side flaps and 50+ UPF. Easily fits mom and baby or an entire family under its spacious coverage. Its umbrella action open mechanism allows it to be set up in just three seconds. $70,

ThermaCELL Patio Lantern** – the best option for keeping mosquitoes and other insects away. It is a outdoor patio lantern and mosquito repellent device in one. Non-toxic and DEET-free, it provides the highest effectiveness in the industry at 98% while also being the safest and healthiest for nearby babies and everyone else. $29.99, [FYI…there is sound on this website!]

**Due to shipping constraints, the Preschooler Princess helping with the photo-shoot, the Patio Lamp and the Sport-brella in the above photo are not included in this giveaway.

Product Review: The Hollywood Cookie Diet

Let’s face it: we all have our weaknesses. Mine happens to be cookies so when I was offered to do a two-week trial of The Hollywood Cookie Diet®, I was all ears. And stomach.

The Hollywood Cookie Diet offers women the chance to eat cookies, while still maintaining a sensible diet. In theory, a dieter on The Hollywood Cookie Diet simply eats a cookie for breakfast, lunch and two snacks. The Web site offers sensible recipe choices for dinner.

Sounds too good to be true? It kind of was.

First, the cookies came in three flavors: chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and lemon and tasted more like energy bars than cookies. Once I got beyond expecting a visit from Mrs. Fields herself, I enjoyed them a lot more.

Second, I tried their suggestion to use them as a meal replacement in addition to snacks. Didn’t work. After two days, I was extremely hungry so went back to eating their healthy recipes for breakfast and lunch while saving the cookies as my mid-day snack.

In the end, this was what worked for me and I lost 3 pounds in two weeks. Not too bad but certainly not the best result I’ve ever had.

Then again, if it had been a Mrs. Fields Cookie Diet, the scale would have tipped in the other direction.

Mile High Mamas on TV!

Be sure to tune in on Saturday, October 3rd to Denver (ABC) Channel 7. Mile High Mamas will be presenting some fun baby safety & health items on the morning show! (The live segment will be running shortly after 8am.)

In conjunction with this TV appearance, we will be giving away “A Bundle of Products for Your Bundle of Joy,” and you’ll be able to sign up to win right here on Mile High Mamas!

Stay tuned for details!

Daily Deal-Free Admission to Denver Art Museum

Head downtown this Saturday for a free day at the Denver Art Museum!   Hours are 10am to 5pm.

Colorado native-born artist Allen True’s West exhibition opens October 2nd.  Be one of the first to view his collection.  Click here for more information.

The Denver Art Museum has free admission the first Saturday of every month.

Have a great deal?  Email me!

danielle @

Twitter ID: @denvermetromoms

Other free happenings this weekend:

Free Kids Workshop at Home Depot

Free Day at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Got 5 Minutes? How to Get Organized Using Facebook, by LivingSocial CEO

Thanks to  Tim O’Shaughnessy, CEO and Co-founder of LivingSocial for sharing some helpful organizing tips using Facebook to help save you time!

You’ve probably heard the buzz surrounding Facebook and other social media tools, but might not be convinced that they’re right for you.  Perhaps setting up an account and maintaining it seems daunting. Or, maybe you signed up and don’t know what to do next.  Utilizing Facebook in a practical way for just a few minutes a day can actually save you time.  Here are 5 easy ways to leverage social media:

  1. Online clubs and fan groups: Social networks allow you to connect with current friends and new friends based on your mutual interests.  Using applications like LivingSocial to find people with similar taste, you can create an online book or movie club to unite with fellow bookworms or movie buffs.
  2. Quick event planning: Facebook lets you plan parties easily and efficiently – just create an event, enter the details and invite friends.  Sending virtual invites saves you the time of hunting down addresses and taking RSVPs over the phone.  You can even plan reunion events for people you’ve lost touch with and found again through social media.  And, you can figure out what to drink and listen to using LivingSocial’s music and beer pages.
  3. Social media at work: Being social media-savvy can help you stay relevant in your job, by keeping up with the eager social media enthusiasts entering the workforce. You can keep your profile professional by using Facebook’s custom privacy settings to regulate who sees what information.
  4. Help other parents: The best product and book reviews come from other parents, especially friends. Love a stroller, but hate a certain crib? Let other parents online know with a quick post to a social media site.  Or, post a question to find out what your friends recommend.
  5. Share photos: Emailing photos to your family and friends after big events can be time-consuming, especially sorting out who wants which photo.  Facebook makes this easy – just post your photos and everyone (including non-Facebook users) can check them out, if you want.’s Facebook application is a great way to share animated videos made from your own photos.

It’s really easy to spend hours on Facebook, but most people don’t have the time to do so. For more information on some of the quick tips I provided, visit or if you’re a Facebook user:

More info about Living Social taken from the Living Social Website…… is a social discovery and cataloging network that allows people to review and share their favorite movies, books, games, music, restaurants and beer. As the most comprehensive interest-based online community, LivingSocial is now helping more than 6.4 million users catalogue their interests, seamlessly integrating with Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, hi5, and Orkut.

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Weekly Event Round-up: Apples, Artists & Aesop

Every Friday, we will publish Denver Post writer Kathleen St. John’s top recommendations for family fun. This week, her picks include:

Saturday-Sunday. It’s an apple extravaganza at Lakewood’s 34th annual Cider Days celebration. One of fall’s favorite fruits, the apple can be found in all its forms at the festival. Apple cider, of course, is the main attraction — bring your own apples and borrow a press to make fresh cider. (Apples will be available for sale, too.) There’s a bushel of other activities as well: live entertainment, hayrides, a petting zoo, historic demonstrations and more. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Lakewood’s Heritage Center, 801 S. Yarrow St.; 303-987-7850 Admission is $6 for adults and $4 for kids ages 3 to 12.

Saturday. Take a spooky trip through Central City’s darkest corners at the Central City Creepy Crawl. Led by members of the Gilpin Historical Society, the lantern-lit tours poke around the spookiest places in the 150-year-old mountain town. It’s up to you, though, to decide whether the ghosts are real. Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for a little exertion: The tour is at least an hour long, and involves stairs, hills and plenty of walking. Tours leave from 7 to 7:30 p.m. Saturdays through Oct. 24. Meet at the corner of Lawrence and Main streets, in front of the Century Casino. Reserve spots on the tours at or call 303-345-6315. Admission is free.

Saturday-Sunday. Explore the artistic process and discover new local artists at Boulder’s Open Studios program. For two weekends, arts lovers young and old are welcomed into studios around town to see how and why artists do what they do. Pick up the (optional) guidebook for $12 — they’re available at many Boulder-area locations, including Whole Foods Markets and Barnes and Noble — and map out a tour. Once on the road, the galleries are clearly marked with a bright yellow sign. Step right in and chat up the artists, and maybe even snag a piece to take home. For a sneak preview of each artist’s work, check out the exhibit at the Boulder Public Library (1001 Arapahoe Ave.). Noon to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, and Oct. 10-11. Various locations around Boulder. Admission is free. Learn more at

Saturday-Sunday. Seek out the perfect pumpkin at Four Mile Historic Park’s Pumpkin Harvest Festival. A future jack-o-lantern awaits, along with music, carriage rides, snacks and more. Explore the park’s grounds, too — it’s 12 acres of country in the middle of the city. The park’s Four Mile House was once an inn and stage stop, then became a thriving farm operation. There are still animals at the park to visit, and exhibits teach guests about the park’s pioneer days. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Four Mile Historic Park, 715 S. Forest St.; 720-865-0800. Admission is free. Visit for more information.

Monday-Thursday. Put down the PSP and use your brain: That’s the message of “Aesop-a-Rebop,” Town Hall Arts Center’s children’s production. Using Aesop’s fables — and a little audience participation, too — the play’s characters go on an adventure that doesn’t involve a TV or video game system. Instead, it’s reading and imagination that offer the most fun. 10 a.m. Mondays through Thursdays through Oct. 15, with additional performances at 10 a.m. and noon on Oct. 17. Town Hall Arts Center, 2450 W. Main St., Littleton; 303-794-2787. Tickets are $7.50 for adults and $6.50 for children. Call to order advance tickets.

Don’t blame me. Blame the Big Hand.

Now that summer is officially over and October is here, we really have no excuses to not be into our “new” routine yet. Well, I have a confession to make: we’ve just now gotten into a smooth routine. What was the hold up? How hard can this be?

Part of the challenge is the fact that Claire has always had a later bedtime than most. My husband works a later schedule, so if Claire went to bed earlier, she wouldn’t get to see Daddy at all. For all three-and-a-half years of her life, this hasn’t been an issue. Bedtime at 9:00 pm and getting up after the Crack of Nine the next day has worked for us.

The Young Preschooler Class she did last year on Mondays met at Noon. Perfect! No struggles! Now that preschool starts at 8:45, we’ve been struggling with the new schedule. And, by “we” I mean me and the voices in my head. I’ve been struggling with the new schedule, and Claire is just being a typical 3-and-a-half year old.

(Here is where I’ll take a moment for all of you who think 8:45 is a late hour to stop laughing at me. Don’t judge! I’ve always been a Night Owl. I can be a morning person if I’m required to be. I just don’t like it. For years, I had a job where I had to get up at 4:30 IN THE MORNING in order to be at work by 6am. Painful. Very painful. But, I did my time, and no one could tell that it nearly killed me.)

I have a feeling that if we went to preschool every day, we would have been into our new routine within a week or so. But, because it’s only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, we can be slackers on the other days. If I had a dollar for every time the words, “Come on! We have to hurry!” escaped my lips on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I could add my newfound money to the budget and justify sending her more often.

If only it worked that way.

I thought there was no end in sight to the struggle I faced on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Claire loves school. She loves going to school. She also has no concept of time and loves to dilly-dally. The more I’d try to tug on her to leave the house, the harder she’d pull right back.

Push-Pull. Pull-Push. Isn’t Momma funny when she gets so frustrated?

And, then it clicked. I was tired of the being the bad guy, so I decided to find something else to take the blame.

Enter the old-school clock we have in the kitchen and Claire’s love of numbers.

“Claire! Let’s race the Big Hand. Do you see that Big Hand? We have to be done with our breakfast before it touches the 3!!”

And, it worked!

Now, every Tuesday and Thursday morning, we race to have our breakfast done by the time the Big Hand reaches the 3, and then we race to have our teeth brushed and clothes on by the time it gets to the 6.

Now, every Tuesday and Thursday morning, she is the one telling me how close the Big Hand is to the 3 or the 6 and every number in between. I haven’t said, “Come on! We have to hurry!” once, which is a shame. I was looking forward to those large bank deposits.

How do you deal with the we-have-to-be-out-of-the-house routine without going crazy(ier)?

Daily Deal-Thursday’s Thrifty Tip

Wow, where did September go?  I have to say I absolutely LOVE fall.  I think I say that about every season! 

Basically when it comes down to it-I love change.  I love the flowers and buds of spring, the feel of the hot summer sun, the colors and crisp air of fall, and the excitement and joy winter brings.

Today I don’t have a specific deal for you.  Today I am introducing Thursday’s Thrifty Tip.  Each Thursday I will clue you into a small way you can save money. 

I realize coupons are not for everyone.  I didn’t even start fully utilizing them until the beginning of this year.  There are so many other things you can do to save your family money.

Face it-times are tough for a lot of people.  Together we can help each other to save money and live better!

On Thursdays comments will be open and feel free to add to the conversation about being thrifty.

Today’s Thrifty Tip is simple: Think twice before you make a purchase.  Ask yourself if you can live without it, whether it’s likely to go on sale in the future, and how many hours you would have to work to pay for it.

Changes can be good and changes can be bad.  I have a challenge for all of the Mile High Mamas to make a change.  This week make one small change in the way you look at money and the purchases you make.  I promise it’ll be a good change!  You would be amazed at how little changes here and there can add up to be a HUGE asset for your family. 

Have a great deal?  Email me!

danielle @

Twitter ID: @denvermetromoms

Free Cookie at Mrs. Fields TODAY

Free Kids Workshop at HomeDepot

Albertson and KingSooper Deals

Trip of the Month: Enjoy Colorado’s spooky escapes with your family!

Last October, I journeyed to Salem, Mass–the witch capital of the United States. While certainly not lacking in eerie stories and sites, I realized I did not need to travel across the country to get spooked.

Colorado Tourism has compiled a list of ghouls, goblins, ghosts and gobs of Halloween fun that will descend on Colorado during the holiday season. Take a historic tour and meet a few Colorado residents, long-since gone in Glenwood Springs. Watch coffin races down Main Street in Manitou Springs. Or search for the Great Pumpkin with the help of Snoopy and friends. This October, there’s a variety of ways to celebrate Halloween. Here are a few ideas.

Historic Ghost Walk, Glenwood Springs: October 16-31, 2009
Ghost Walk
From the town where legendary gunslinger and gambler Doc Holiday is buried, comes the annual Historic Ghost Walk tour, just in time for Halloween. For three weekends, from October 16-31, costume-clad tour guides lead guests on a haunted tour of historic Glenwood Springs’ cemetery. Under the moonlight, with flashlights in hand, visitors learn about the city’s storied past and some of its more colorful characters – a few spirits may even meet you on the way and divulge a few of their secrets for any who care to listen. When not touring hallowed ground and learning about Wild West history, consider a visit to any of Glenwood Springs’ many other attractions, including the historic, and perhaps haunted, Hotel Colorado. For more information on the Historic Ghost Walk, call 970-945-4448 or visit Information on the Hotel Colorado is found at or by calling 800-544-3998. Find out more about the city itself at, 970-945-6589.

Event Details

Historic Ghost Walk: Oct. 16-31, 2009
Linwood (Pioneer) Cemetery
12th Street and Bennett Ave.
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601
Price: $15
Phone: 970-945-4448

Emma Crawford Coffin Race & Parade, Manitou Springs: Oct. 24, 2009
Emma Crawford Coffin Races
Seeking her health in the then frontier town of Manitou Springs in 1889, Emma Crawford instead found her death in the otherwise becoming town. She had hoped the town’s natural spring water would revitalize her humors. Unfortunately, Emma succumbed to her illness and, as per her wishes, was buried atop nearby Red Mountain. Years later, nature added insult to injury when a major storm flooded the mountaintop and send poor Emma’s coffin sliding down. Today, this macabre event has been immortalized with a bit of dark humor, epitomized by the 15th Annual Emma Crawford Coffin Race & Parade in downtown Manitou Springs, located near Colorado Springs. During the race, participants act as pallbearers as one of their teammates take a seat in their homemade, and often eccentric, coffins. Racers then run a course, hoping to post the quickest time. Other events are held in tandem with the races, including a tour of the historic Miramont Castle. For additional event details, contact Historic Manitou Springs at 800-642-2567 or online at

Event Details

Emma Crawford Coffin Race & Parade: Oct. 24, 2009