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Welcome to Daily Deal!

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Not too savvy when it comes to finding great deals and stretching your dollar?  Mile High Mamas is here to help!  Each day I will be cluing you into the best Denver deals for Mamas.

When I was younger I remember my dad bringing me to the mall to shop.  Before we even entered the doors to my favorite store he’d say, “To the back!”  He knew the sales racks were located in the back of the store.  I remember always thinking my dad was so cheap!  Then I became an adult and had to fend for myself!  Now I realize he wasn’t cheap; he was smart with his money!

My husband and I married in 2006 and have always been wise with our money.  However, at the beginning of our marriage I was working and making a little extra income.  In May 2007 we had our first baby, and we agreed I would stay home.  My world completely changed.  Not only was I figuring out my new role as momma to this sweet little boy, I was given a budget.  A budget that I didn’t think was nearly enough!  I struggled to make it work each month and found myself stressed if I was over budget.  My husband was understanding, but you see I’m pretty hard on myself.  I was determined to stay within budget; I knew I could do it.  Yes, I could do it! (even after our baby girl arrived in January 2009)

I started searching for ways to save money each month and realized it was possible to live on our monthly budget.  It just takes a little time, organization, and creativity!  I discovered the world of coupons and to be quite honest; I’m addicted!

After moving to Denver in April, I took using coupons to the next level.  I found myself scouring the ads each week to find my family the best deals.  Once I realized how much time I was spending, I decided to help others.  My thought was if  I do the ‘hard’ part of matching coupons with weekly ads, maybe more people would be willing to start using coupons save money.  And as we know, saving money is crucial for many Americans with today’s economy.

In July I started a money saving blog.  It’s more than just coupons.  I know coupons aren’t for everybody so I include ways to save money without coupons, frugal tips, and menu plans.  I’m a typical mom like you.  I’m busy chasing two little ones, making our house a home, and trying to keep up with the craziness of day to day life.  If I can reduce our grocery bill by 50% or more each month, you most definitely can save some money too!

I am excited to start the Daily Deal at Mile High Mamas!  Join us Monday thru Friday as we check out the latest deals in Denver.  Maybe you’ll save a buck or two and be able to treat yourself to something new!

We’ll be starting Daily Deals on Monday, September 14th.  In the meantime, you can get free flowers today only.  Select FTD florist are celebrating FTD Good Neighbor Day by giving away a free bouquet of flowers.  Customers are encouraged to keep one flower and give the rest to family and friends to brighten their day!  Click here to find participating florists.  Be sure to come back to Mile High Mamas Daily Deal on Monday!

Welcome to Daily Deal!

Danielle Apland

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  • comment avatar Lori in Denver September 9, 2009

    Hi, Danielle. Thanks in advance for all the money you’re going to save me!

  • comment avatar JoAnn September 9, 2009

    Danielle, welcome to Mile High Mamas! I’ll be the first to admit that I really don’t know the ins and outs of how to “play the game.” I clip coupons every now and then, but I know that I could be more efficient. I never knew where to look before, and now I do! I can’t wait to learn more!

  • comment avatar Danielle September 9, 2009

    I can’t wait to start helping all of you ladies save money!

    What types of deals are you most interested in hearing about? What ways do you save money now with or without coupons?

  • comment avatar Jenna Hallock September 9, 2009

    Hi Danielle,

    Great idea! We have long lived within a budget and doing so has gotten us to a place where we are completely debt free AND can actually do some of the things that we want to do and/or have things that we would like to have… and GIVING as a rule, of course.

    I’d love to chat anytime about some of the discoveries I’ve made over the last 10 years as well. Come to think of it, I’m sure I’ve blogged about it by now! 🙂 Welcome to MHM!