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Questions and Answers for Moms about H1N1

By Dr. Keren Call, pediatrician and board member of the Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition

Swine flu. H1N1. Scary stuff right?

I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing a lot of information about H1N1, sometimes called swine flu, every day – on TV, on the internet, in the newspaper. Moms have lots of questions about how to prevent H1N1, how safe the vaccine will be, and how can they best protect their family.

With the development of the H1N1 flu strain, the biggest thing to remember is not to panic. There is a lot of news and headlines preparing us for the WORST CASE SCENARIO. The predictions on infection rates are just that, predictions. The constant stream of information can be scary, but it is unknown what will really happen with the spread of H1N1 this flu season.

The good news is we DO know a lot about flu and H1N1. We know that we can prevent seasonal flu with a flu shot right now. We know that the H1N1 vaccine will be distributed in October. We know that the H1N1 vaccine will be safe. We know that the most vulnerable people – pregnant moms, children from birth to 24 years, and adults 25 to 64 who have underlying medical conditions – should get the vaccine first. We know that if your baby is under six months and is too young to get the vaccine, that everyone around the baby should be vaccinated. We also know that there should be enough vaccine for everyone who wants it; it just might take some time.

I do want to take some time to go through some specific questions I’ve heard from moms about H1N1:

Are You Ready To Become A Social Media “Expert?!”

When I started my blog four years ago, I didn’t even know what the term “social media” meant. I just wanted a place to tuck away memories of my son as he seemed to be changing right in front of my eyes, every single day. It has slowly evolved to much more than that, but at it’s heart it remains a “memory keeper” to me.

But it’s interesting the direction life takes you. The same year my son was born, I co-founded a company; we build health education web sites. I was pushed to play a role I never dreamed I would take on. Entrepreneur. It fits better than I ever imagined.

I have changed so much over these years. Learned so much. Partially from mistakes, sure, but partially from just getting out there and listening. Nothing fancy. Just listening. What was the site so and so was talking about? I’ll go look at that and see what it does. Then I will incorporate *that* into what I do. And then I will use *this* technique I see over here… and so on and so on.

Until here I am, at a place where my work and blog are melding together. We are going after projects that incorporate social media and companies approach me to work with them as a parent blogger. Both worlds are very exiting to me, and even more exciting, I am finding a way to make it all work. Most days that is.

I used to be so intimidated by the blogosphere that I didn’t even have comments turned on for my blog. It was my private diary and I was scared to hear what people thought. Until one day I became confident enough to take that next step. To engage. And to my surprise, it wasn’t all that scary and people are generous. “Social Media” is social. People talk and teach and learn every day – and most importantly, they share.

Is anyone a social media “expert?” Well. Um. If you look on Twitter, there are millions.

Do I consider myself a social media expert? Hell no.

But somehow I have been wrangling into teaching several classes

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Family and work: how do you juggle it all?

This has been a big week for my wee company, “MA! motherhood with attitude.” We were featured in Redbook Magazine, which has 2.2 million subscribers! My biz partner, Tiffany, and I have been working the clock at both ends (me in the early mornings, her in the late evenings) to give this exposure “legs,” so to speak, and we really hope this opens some doors for us.

But in the quiet moments when this “glamorous” exposure finds me sitting alone at my computer, pimping the company to bloggers around the country, holding up my end of myriad fun-but-tiring online conversations, and I feel my third baby kick me in the ribs, I wonder….

Tiffany and I launched MA! on Mother’s Day 2007 after many months of pre-launch work developing our mission, our brand and our products. We are both moms and quite passionate about the work that we do through MA! (Our aim is to expose “perfect parenting propaganda” as pure hogwash.) But the irony is that this business, which is so focused on supporting moms, sometimes distracts us from our own mothering.

I know there are a ton of creative moms out there developing their own businesses and products and, from what I hear, they often feel the same way. It’s like this push/pull – we have a fundamental need to create something bigger than ourselves (and something outside the routine of our mommy lives), but at the same time we need to – and desperately want to –

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When opportunity knocks and you don’t answer

In January of 2003 I took a crash course on bi-polar disorder in children.

In a weekly email, our adoption agency told us and other waiting families about a situation. Normally it doesn’t happen this way. Normally, a couple waiting to adopt eagerly awaits The Call announcing they’d been chosen to parent a newborn.

But when circumstances are less than ideal, rather than show an expectant mother The Book of waiting couples, the agency instead asks waiting couples to opt in. This way, the expectant parents face less risk of being rejected by the couple they choose.

This was one of those situations. Meaghan was considering adoption for her unborn child, due in two weeks. Both Meaghan and the baby’s father seemed iffy on relinquishing. In addition, both parents had bipolar disorder. And some grandparents had it, too.

Should we opt in?

I visited Dr Google and found out there are varying types of bipolar disorder. I talked with a friend who struggles with the least disruptive type, and a friend of a friend who raised a severely bipolar child.

These conversations portrayed a harrowing picture. But in the back of my head, I continued to assert that nurture can triumph over nature, and that being raised in a loving and prepared home could mitigate this devastating (in its severe form) condition.

After much soul searching,

Product Review: TravelKiddy

Can I be honest? I do not like taking my children to visit my family in Texas. No, not because I do not like my family – I actually love them dearly. And not because my children are shy and don’t get on well with their cousins – far from true, they all adore each other. Nope, I don’t like visiting my family because it is a 9 hour drive for me to get there! There are no direct flights to my Texas town. Driving is my only option and it is a miserable one. Oh I’m armed. I’ve got a double DVD player in the car. I load up on snacks. We load up on books. But the boys, inevitably, get bored and restless and ornery! We are all miserable by the time we arrive at our destination, and thus we only make this trip once a year.

TravelKiddy to the rescue! What a fun and amazingly simple idea. This delightful product culls together all kinds of fun kid-friendly activities, puts them in a colorful, zip up bag, and you can toss it in the car (or plane or RV, or even your living room floor). You are ready to go! This kit has everything you could possibly need for a long road trip – or honestly, for a rainy day when your kids need a quiet break. It is filled with coloring books, stickers, plastic figurines, lace up cards, crayons, doodle pad, even pre-stamped post cards. It also includes a few mom-necessities like wipes, band aids, and tissues. Genius!

The packaging is quite simple and easy to carry. The product arrived quickly and in great shape (save one small toy that was cracked but I think that was probably prior to shipping). There was so much for my boys (ages almost 3 and 5) to do that they didn’t have time to bug each other. They each found things to interest them and there was no arguing about who got what. It was easy to share and so much fun for them. I also like that I could slip in items of my own if I wanted – snacks, extra books or toys, etc.

In viewing their Website I noticed they have a variety of kits on hand – – the PocketKiddy would be great for my 3 year old while waiting for his brother at gymnastics. There are also fun add on kits so you can personalize it to your children’s likes and interests.

Check it out for your next road trip – whether you are heading for a 9 hour drive to Texas, or just a 15 minute trip to the store. It’s a sanity saver!

This review was written by Amy, one of our Mile High Mamas Product Reviewers.

Do you have a product you would like to be considered for review? Contact our product review editor Laurie, [email protected]

Product Review: A Wow Baby Bibs N Burps

Founded in 2008, Wow Baby has sought to be a leading provider of fashionable innovative baby gear. What started in Bridgette’s kitchen as a quick fix to address excessive dribble has evolved into essential Wow Baby accessories.

At Wow Baby we care about quality, comfort, function, fashion and above all child safety. We combine a blend of natural and organic fibers to produce exquisitely crafted superior quality baby gear. Our products have a patent-pending and have won many rave reviews. As style-savvy parents ourselves, we believe that you and your baby deserve to have it all, whether your initial attraction was decorative or functional, you do not have to give one up to get the other.

Wow Baby!!! LLC is privately owned by Bridgette and her husband( Kojo). They live in New York with their two sons, ages 3years and 22months. Bridgette holds an MSE in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, NY and Kojo holds a PhD in Civil Engineering from University of Birmingham in the UK.


I had the opportunity to test the bib and burp cloth from this company and I’m completely taken with their gorgeous designs. The material is soft and the items very flexible. I found the plastic liner useful, though wish it was on the front to protect the designs from food/burp stains! The bibs have adjustable Velcro so will grow with your baby and the burp cloth could also be used as a diaper changing pad if you wanted to. I liked that the bib didn’t get in my daughter’s way as much as a stiffer plastic bib does – she was able to navigate around it much more easily.

The beautiful designs and packaging make these excellent gifts as well!

This review was written by Samara R, one of our Mile High Mamas Product Reviewers.

Do you have a product you would like to be considered for review? Contact our product review editor Laurie, [email protected]

Not Your Typical Tea Party

Last week, Amber and I were invited to head up north to Celestial Seasonings’ 40th Anniversary Event. We were going to partake in the celebration and meet the Blend Master, Charlie Baden!

And, I was going to try my hardest to refrain from asking if the event was sponsored by the Letter T.

When we arrived at Celestial Seasonings, we were greeted with quite an elaborate spread of foods, beverages, and a full evening of entertainment. We realized that this wasn’t just a 40th Anniversary Celebration, this was a reunion. There were employees from all eras and areas attending. Some had flown in for this event. Everyone had name-tags with their names, former (or current) titles, and the years of their service.

You could tell that they weren’t just coworkers; they were family.

That’s what struck me the most about Celestial Seasonings. Yes, it’s a successful Colorado company. Yes, it’s a company that started out in small-town Boulder and grew to a market of 60 countries. Yes, the event was a Zero Waste Event, meaning every single piece of trash from the party was either composted or recycled. But, what struck me the most was the passion for not only their product, but their people.