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Welcome to Mile High Mamas’ Mama Tech Talk!

Ever feel lost in a playgroup conversation where moms are talking about how they just love reading Dooce? You wonder in your head, “What is Dooce ?”

Or do you have friends who have connected with so many of their old friends on Facebook and you just barely figured out how to post your own profile picture on it?

Or have you ever gone out for dinner with some work friends and the conversation turns to their latest tweet they made or the best new app they added to their iPhone and you wonder what the heck is a tweet or an app?

Guess what, you will no longer be out of the “loop”! Mama Tech Talk is here to help you become a tech-savvy mama!

Mama Tech Talk is a place on Mile High Mamas where you can learn about the latest in social media, blogging and other fun technology tips and how they can enhance your mommy lifestyle. Things are changing around us so quickly as far as technology, so jump on and join in the fun! Oh and just in case you didn’t know, Dooce is written by Heather B. Armstong, a very popular mommy blogger.

Have a question about blogging, social media or other tech-related interest, email me at [email protected]. I’ll be happy to answer it here.


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