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Do you have a young entrepreneur?

Do you have a child between ages 6 – 21 with the entrepreneurial spirit who currently runs a business in Colorado? That entrepreneurial spirit could win them between $250 – $1,000!

Young Americans Center for Financial Education is seeking young business owners to apply for the 8th annual Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs. This competition recognizes young people who have taken risks to start and run their own businesses.

What kind of businesses? Here are examples from past years: photography, notecards, placemats, door-to-door delivery service, commercial cleaning, lawn mowing and yard care, videography, handmade dog products, jewelry, DJ services and more. Whatever the business, Young Americans Center encourages all young entrepreneurs to apply! Visit for more information. Application deadline is June 18.

Jon and Kate’s Final Curtain Call?

After her pilot husband became disabled a year ago, Guest Blogger Chris has recently begun working from home as a blogger/social media and advertising type with a graphic design career of 15 years she thought she had left behind. As a directionally-challenged (thank goodness for the foothills), stay-at-home mom of a tempestuous two-year-old in Aurora, she blogs about balancing working from home, motherhood and marriage while keeping a sense of humor all at the same time! Follow the chaos at Mama Bird’s Blog where a half-hatched role reversal takes flight on a wing and a prayer!

Yeah, I watched. But, I haven’t gone so far as to read any of the tabloids. I don’t know what the mystery woman looks like and I don’t care. What intrigued me as I watched the 5th season opener of Jon & Kate Plus 8 was how I could in an “Off-Broadway sense,” empathize with Kate, a woman who makes me cringe every time I see part of myself in her “Type-A Mom” personality. Intrigued, not because my husband has gone off and done something untoward (at least not in public) for which I can never forgive him (get over yourself, Kate), but because of the underlying role reversal challenges that the two of them hinted at, in between all of the innuendo of an alleged affair. Has anyone else caught on to this?

She’s now the breadwinner while he stays home with the kids and resents her for being away while wishing she’d stay away at the same time — loosely translated from Jon. Anyone else experiencing something similar who doesn’t also have eight kids, full-time staff and a major prime-time hit television show? Direct quote from my husband: “Men just weren’t made to do this.”

Now, before anyone takes offense to this,

Mama’s Weekly Picks for Denver’s Best Family-fun Events!

For some of you, school is about to end. For others (ahem, cough cough. . . Cherry Creek. . . cough cough), you’ve still got a week or more left. Never fear, we’ve got you covered, whether you’re out of school, or still anxiously awaiting that final bell. Summer concerts, summer movie programs. . . whatever you desire, Denver is awash in fun things to do, even this early in the season. Pace yourselves—we don’t want you to burn out too quickly!

Want a free day at the zoo? Mile High Mamas is teaming up with Ozone Aware for Lions, Tigers & Air – Oh My! on Thursday, June 4! They are giving away 300 tickets to the event, which will have a cool animal demonstration, giveaways, and a brief presentation geared to moms about how we can teach our children about air quality. Bring a picnic lunch and explore the zoo afterward. RSVP here ASAP–tickets are going fast!

For all our events, check before you go, especially when it comes to concerts and movies. Not all are appropriate for all children, although in a perfect world, they would be! Why don’t they consult us on such things?

Free Days

Sunday, May 31 Denver Museum of Nature and Science 303-322-7009. A great free day, but if you’re going to check out the Expedition: Health exhibit, you still need to make reservations.

Tuesday, June 2: Free First Tuesdays at the Children’s Museum, 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., 2121 Children’s Museum Drive (Off of I-25 and 23rd Ave, near the Denver Aquarium), Denver 303-433-7444 or

Summer Concerts

We Went in for Chocolate and Got Self-Esteem

  • No Barbie dolls — check.
  • No disparaging of my own body — check.
  • Frequent reminders that what’s inside matter more than what’s outside — check.
  • Daughter without self-esteem issues — out of checks.

I naively thought, when my daughter was an infant, that doing these checked items would go a long way to helping Tessa develop healthy self-esteem. After all, she would have her own obvious inner light and beauty, as well as the benefit of my nearly 4 decades of working out my own issues wisdom to help her short-circuit the problems that can exist on a young girl’s path.

Hah! Now that I’m parenting an 8 year-old, a complex being with layers and layers of known and unknown facets, I can see that raising a daughter with healthy self-esteem is going to require a lot more than I thought it would.

A new tool suited for this challenge was thrown across our paths recently. I was drawn, almost like a magnet, to a non-chocolate booth at the recent Chocolate Festival (imagine that: a room full of free chocolate and we wander off to a booth with no edibles).

We walked by a pink-and-purple themed booth where some face-painting was taking place. As Tessa got hearts and stars on her cheeks and Reed got sword-bearing snakes (don’t ask), I chatted with the radiant, statuesque woman who was responsible for the booth.

She told me she had authored a book, a work she was guided to write, to help girls age 7-14 to recognize and appreciate their own inner beauty.

The woman’s name is Debra Gano, a Colorado-based author who is a former actress/model (and strikingly beautiful, not surprisingly), someone who made a nice living on her looks. She is qualified to tell what that does to a person’s inner value.

Debra gave me

Globeology at The Wildlife Experience–Win a 4-pack of tickets!

On Thursday, we set off on an adventure like no other. We’d been invited to go on a trip around the world, and we couldn’t wait! After making the trek to The Wildlife Experience, located at Lincoln Avenue and Peoria Street, just south of Denver, we stepped out of the rainy evening and into another world.

But, it’s not another world, it’s our world.

Globeology (Glohb-Ol-Uh-Jee) is not only the study of the globe, it’s the newest exhibit at The Wildlife Experience. The Grand Opening was May 23rd, but we had the opportunity to check it out early, and we were not disappointed.

The Wildlife Experience broke ground for this exhibit in 2007, and the result is absolutely amazing.

Welcome to Mile High Mamas’ Mama Tech Talk!

Ever feel lost in a playgroup conversation where moms are talking about how they just love reading Dooce? You wonder in your head, “What is Dooce ?”

Or do you have friends who have connected with so many of their old friends on Facebook and you just barely figured out how to post your own profile picture on it?

Or have you ever gone out for dinner with some work friends and the conversation turns to their latest tweet they made or the best new app they added to their iPhone and you wonder what the heck is a tweet or an app?

Guess what, you will no longer be out of the “loop”! Mama Tech Talk is here to help you become a tech-savvy mama!

Mama Tech Talk is a place on Mile High Mamas where you can learn about the latest in social media, blogging and other fun technology tips and how they can enhance your mommy lifestyle. Things are changing around us so quickly as far as technology, so jump on and join in the fun! Oh and just in case you didn’t know, Dooce is written by Heather B. Armstong, a very popular mommy blogger.

Have a question about blogging, social media or other tech-related interest, email me at [email protected] I’ll be happy to answer it here.

How Moms Are Not Only the Queens of Comedy but Also Improv

I got asked to lead a round-table discussion for the Boulder Chamber’s PR & Social Media Event on Friday. There were some social media rock stars who presented including Andrew Hyde of TechStars, Ari Newman of FiltrBox and Mile High Mama Holly Hamann from The Blog Frog.

And then there was me.

Though I did shower for the occasion, which should count for something.

My topic was “How to pitch a blogger,” with the intent to teach businesses and publicists how to approach bloggers for potential coverage. I was asked to present in two different sessions and was under the impression that I was supposed to speak on, well, how to pitch a blogger.

Until my first panel began.

I had everyone go around and tell me what they hoped to get out of my class. Here’s a little hint: their responses were not about pitching bloggers. Most of them wanted to know how to start a blog for their business and to learn the basics of social media.

I did not prepare a 50-minute class on how to start a blog or the basics of social media.

Nor did I bother to bring my laptop because I had prepared some nifty handouts of some great pitches I had received from various publicists. Because, if you will remember, that is what I was asked to speak about.

So, what did I do?

Enter to Win 4 Tickets Aboard the Georgetown Loop Railroad!


Do you have a kid who is obsessed with “choo-choos?” I do. Of course, his only train exposure has been limited to his Thomas the Train Set and the obnoxious one that blows its horn at all hours of the night near our house.

But to ride a real-life train that Mommy does not yell at every time it passes by? The Georgetown Loop Railroad is my son’s idea of Mecca…but without the long pilgrimage. Located just 45 miles west of Denver off I-70, the railroad brings Colorado history to life in a fun adventure that will thrill the entire family.

Not just the ones obsessed with “choo-choos.”

This isn’t just any train ride. Most importantly, “It moves!!” as my son delightfully repeated every few minutes, just in case we had missed that our old-time locomotive was winding up Clear Creek Canyon. The open cars afforded us breathtaking views of bustling Clear Creek, gushing waterfalls, fascinating

Two Great Colorado Products

I am constantly amazed at how many great kids’ items moms are creating right here in Colorado, and these two are no exception!

book cover
The Pickleman: Dreaming of the Majors
Written by Susan Seeber Hollaran
Illustrations by Laurie Wood Halvorson

No one can argue that summer is just not complete without Baseball. After all, it’s as American as apple pie. “The Pickleman: Dreaming of the Majors” is a fantastic family book about Americas favorite pastime. The story is about two young brothers who play Little League Baseball, dreaming of the day…

Read the full review here.

My ExpecTees t-shirt is very cute and very comfortable! I received a medium which was very true to size and the shirt I reviewed was white and said “What happens in Vegas, doesn’t always, stay in Vegas.” My friends all think it’s such a funny shirt. I like it because it’s very comfortable. I would recommend it to all your pregnant friends. They have a lot of choices online…

Read the full review here.

Have a great product you’d like reviewed? Contact our assistant editor, JoAnn Rasmussen, at [email protected]

Mama’s Weekly Picks for Colorado’s Best Family-fun Events!

So, you know… it’s the weekend, and there’s not a lot going on… oh wait… it’s Memorial Day! There may actually be one or two things here and there. A couple of things in Boulder, including some sort of race, I think….

The new Globeology exhibit opens at the Wildlife Experience this weekend. The Mile High Mamas have a team dedicated to exploring this wonder of museum technology. I attended preview night last night and it lived up to all the hype. JoAnn will be writing a more in-depth review on May 27th.

If you’re headed downtown, check out the Downtown Denver Arts Festival at the Denver Pavilions. Art, food, entertainment—and lots of Colorado artists.

Enjoy your weekend! Stay safe, and, as always, check before you go!

Happenings and Other Fun Things to Do

May 22 – Monday, May 25 Downtown Denver Arts Festival, Denver Pavilions, 500 16th Street, Denver. Schedule is as follows: Friday, 4:00 – 8:00 p.m., Saturday, 11:00 – 8:00 p.m., Sunday, 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. This fine arts and crafts exhibit features over 125 Colorado artists, and 150,000 are expected to attend. Expand your collection and buy local!

May 23, 9:30 a.m.Veterans Memorial Day Tribute and Parade