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Colorado Products and other cool stuff

This time around, our round-up of reviews includes two interesting products made right here in Colorado! Personally, I think these would make great gifts for families with new babies – easy, organic meals delivered to their door or a very cool teether that can be personalized – useful and a keepsake!

Viki P reviewed meals from The Organic Dish:

I was feeling a bit uninspired and, yes lazy. I want to create clean, yummy meals but wasn’t in the mood. Lucky me, The Organic Dish laid some serious yummies on me.
Full review here.

Alexa reviewed the teether from Toofeze:

Toofeze logoExperts recommend, among other things, a cool spoon for soothing the sore gums of teething babies. However, spoons are unmanageable for small infants who are just beginning to develop their motor skills. They’ve just added an ergonomic handle to make it easy for very small infants to manipulate…
Full review here.

MiaHysteria reviewed a children’s book dealing with Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD:

How do I fit in? How come I feel this way? What’s going to happen to me? Am I the only one? Sensitive Sam is a book written for children, from a child’s perspective, highlighting the different ways that children can experience SPD, how it affects them, their family and school relationships… Most importantly, it leaves the child reader with the feeling that they are not alone.
Full review here.

Alexa also reviewed the Cart Stopper:

The Cart-Stopper™ is a simple and effective device that reduces the risk of child injury and vehicle damage related to “run-away” shopping carts.
Full review here.

If you would like to have a product reviewed by one of our Mile High Mamas, please email Amber at [email protected]

Little Boys 101

I have four kids — three girls and one lonely little boy. Coincidentally, I grew up in a house with three sisters and one lonely little brother. What these two things basically mean is that I have a very limited knowledge and understanding of little boys. As an older sister, I basically let my brother exist in his Inspector Gadget world while I existed far far away in my Young and the Restless one. I can’t do that with my son if I want him to, you know, not sniff paint, beg for food or abuse small helpless animals someday. It’s kinda my job as his MOM to be an active member in the Inspector Gadget world… or Chowder and Flapjack, as it were.

I don’t always relate to my own kind. In fact, I’m confounded by the behavior of the members of my gender, myself included, on a regular basis. But some things generally remain the same. For example, we don’t get thrills out of finding an innocent-looking woman and throwing her purse into the Men’s Bathroom and then lifting her by the scruff of her neck and tossing her in there to go retrieve it. Not even in the second grade do I remember that kind of bizarre torture occurring. If we didn’t like a particular girl, we usually addressed the issue by not inviting her to our slumber party. And yet this bathroom thing occurred to my son just this past week, except that it was a backpack instead of a purse. Sure, he was upset for a day, but he did what most GIRLS I know could never do… he dusted himself off and immediately got over it. I wasn’t there. I wasn’t involved, and I’M still not over it. But when I demanded that we talk to the supervising adults, he stoically insisted that it wasn’t necessary. He could handle it, he said, while lying on my couch with his foot propped up on a pillow, his swollen ankle being iced.

“Boys will be boys,” a co-worker of mine says. “Parental involvement makes it worse with boys. You’re gonna label him a wuss for life. Let him handle it. Those boys that threw him in the bathroom are probably his friends. They were PLAYING AROUND. That’s how we do it. We throw each other into the Girl’s Bathroom to get a good look around.”

I don’t want to encourage my kid to fight. But I want him to

Party People in the House

I’m lucky; two out of my three kids still don’t really care about having a birthday party with their friends. Get them a bouquet of mylar balloons, let them lick the icing off the tops of a few cupcakes, and they’re set for another year. Presents are even optional at this point.

Unfortunately, the simple approach won’t suffice for my oldest. She’s got to keep up with the Joneses – all of her friends who’ve had slumber parties and bowling excursions.

To be honest, I’m putting the pressure on myself not to skimp on the festivities. She’s attended some nice, but not over the top, parties and I want to reciprocate. It’s not a matter of outdoing anyone, but merely returning the favor.

While she’s thrilled to spend the night at friends’ houses – remember, this is the child who

It’s Confirmed. I am a Disaster.

Earlier this month the Denver Museum of Nature & Science invited Mommy Bloggers to a sneak preview of their new exhibit, Nature Unleashed: Inside Natural Disasters.

The kids and I were greeted by Twitterer Tara (a hostess-with-the-mostest who allowed Tessa to carry her cell phone and who remained good-natured [punny, no?] as Reed dragged her from disaster to disaster). Curator and new blogger David Grinspoon joined us as well, sharing his expertise and enthusiasm for all things disastrous.

Rounding out our group were the families of Mile High Mama bloggers GreebleMonkey and AMomintheBurbs. Would it surprise you that among the devastation, we grownups talked blogging?

It’s a fun exhibit for kids 8 and up. Tessa and Reed were all about the buttons. Buttons to create their own digital volcano. Buttons to shake two model buildings in an earthquake. Buttons to turn on video scenes (real and simulated) of Hurricane Katrina and the Indonesian Tsunami and tornadoes.

(Want to go? Click and print this $2 off coupon.)

Near the end of the exhibit, patrons are encouraged to fill out a form and hang it on a clothespin, The form is to document any catastrophes the patron has witnessed. I scanned a couple: Mount St Helens, a tornado in Kansas, being stranded in a blizzard, surviving a wildfire, actually paying to see Ishtar.

Reed was eager to practice his writing, so he picked up a form and asked me what he was supposed to write on it. I asked him: “What is the worst thing that has happened to you?”

He thought a moment and asked me to help him spell this:


“My mom blogs.”

I guess I’ll be signing off now.

Win Tickets to Disney on Ice!

[photopress:HRP_DOI26_02_THE_20MAD_20TEA_20PARTY_20RIDE_20AT_20DISNEYLAND.jpg,full,pp_image]Mile High Mamas is thrilled to offer SIX family four-packs of tickets to the hottest show in town: Disney on Ice. Performances will be March 12 – 15 at The Denver Coliseum and March 19 – 22 at the Budweiser Events Center in Loveland.

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We have four family four-packs of tickets to the Denver Coliseum Show and two family four-packs for the Budweiser Event Center in Loveland. To enter, simply email us at [email protected] with your preferred venue in the subject line. Then, include your mailing address and briefly tell us why you’d like to win the tickets. If you include a mention of this on your social network (i.e. blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) you may enter three times. Contest deadline is March 4, 2009. Note: Certain show times and restrictions may apply.

About Disney on Ice: Catch the next ride to laugh-out-loud fun with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on a trip to the park in Disney On Ice presents a Disneyland® Adventure. Swing to the beat on the Jungle Cruise™ with Baloo, have a blast with Buzz Lightyear on Space Mountain™, and take a wild spin on the Mad Tea Party™ with Alice and the Mad Hatter! You’ll see Snow White and Cinderella during the Main Street U.S.A.® parade and thrill to “Incredible” edge-of-your seat excitement when everyone’s favorite superhero family shows up to save the day!

Wrinkled (and other laundry pet peeves)

Guest blogger Terra turned to blogging at The Emerson Family as a quicker, easier way to chronicle her days of motherhood and she hopes it will be something her two young daughters will refer to for guidance and remembrance. Her candid posts are humorous, often interactive, light, and entertainingly appropriate for all to read and enjoy. She has always loved to write and aspires to write children’s books.

Sorry Ladies–I am not here to talk about an amazing product I found to stop the formation of the hideous ones around my face….

Do you remember this I love Laundry? Well then here goes:

I am here to talk about the ridiculous ones in my daughter’s sheets. The sheets on our bed are fine and wrinkle-free but they only make them in fancy, deep, boring old adult colors.

I have bought from Pottery Barn Kids, Land of Nod, Target, Wamsutta, Target, Linens and Things and probably more. I cannot seem to win.

Remove from dryer promptly – Yeah I can do that. I can even set the timer for 5 minutes at a time and keep checking the sheets to see if they are dry yet so I can be extra prompt. But whatever I do, I still get wrinkles. And not just any wrinkles – the kind that makes you wish you had a can of spray starch from 50’s (do they still sell that and how would it feel to sleep on starched pillow cases?)

All I have to say is

Kid Art Auction for Earth Day 2009!

In the springtime last year, my son Declan had this amazing idea. He decided that, instead of a standard lemonade stand, he wanted to have an Art Sale in the backyard. When I posted about it, friends contributed ideas and we had an ONLINE version that raised nearly $800 for environmental causes – in just a few weeks.

This year, we are trying to spread the word early so people have plenty of time to participate!

Whadya say? Wanna play?
[photopress:ArtAuctionLogo2009_300px.jpg,full,pp_image] This year, the beneficiary will be The Nature Conservancy. It is their mission to “preserve the plants, animals and natural communities that represent the diversity of life on Earth by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive.” Kinda perfect for Earth Day, right?

All the details are on a post over at my personal blog, Greeblemonkey. But you don’t have to be a blogger to participate, or be from Denver even.

Come one, come all! Let’s rock Earth Day!

The 11th Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Skinny Dip at Park City Mountain Resort

Some people have a propensity for making a lot of money.

Others for being great with kids.

Mine is for repeatedly getting locked out in precarious situations.

With the kids. And without any money.

My family just returned from a ski trip to Utah. I am a proud contributor to Park City Mountain Resort’s new social media site, Snowmamas and Marketing Director Krista Parry pulled all the stops with showing us a great time. Hitting the slopes is a lifestyle that affords itself all kinds of pleasures and for us those included two days on the mountain, a daughter in ski school, a son in childcare, riding the alpine-coaster and fine-dining at Zoom and Butcher’s Chop House & Bar. (Read my official write-up here.)
[photopress:hot_tub1.jpg,full,pp_image] We stayed in a beautiful two-bedroom Town Lift Condominium. Our accommodations had all the luxuries of home with one huge bonus: a private hot tub on the deck. After hitting the slopes each evening, we would soak our bodies as we overlooked the pulse of Park City’s Historic District.

On one such night, we had been in the hot tub for about an hour when we decided to turn in for the night. My chivalrous husband Jamie hopped out of the tub to grab our towels inside. Or at least he tried–he turned the knob to the door and nothing happened. After a chilly 5-second investigation, he surmised that the door was unlocked but the handle was loose and practically falling off its hinges. He jumped back in the hot tub to warm up before repeating his attempt multiple times.


So, there we were: roasting in the hot tub with two little kids and no apparent way to get back into our room. Realizing the situation could quickly turn dire, I called down to a pedestrian on Main Street. He obligingly went to the condo’s lobby and had a staff member come out to assist us.

Kind of.

The staffer told us he would grab the key to our condo and let us back in. And then we waited. And waited. And waited. After about 15 minutes, I knew something was wrong.

Win One of Five Family Four-Packs to the All About Kids Expo!

[photopress:allaboutkids_1.jpg,full,pp_image]Winter doldrums getting your little ones down? Set them loose at the All About Kids Expo on February 28th and March 1st at the Colorado Convention Center.

The Expo returns for the 17th year, making it Denver’s longest running children’s and family expo. There are plenty of free activities such as pony rides, petting zoo, face painting, and roaming clowns, as well as live performances on the main stage. For a full schedule, checkout the All About Kids Expo’s Web site.

We are thrilled to offer five lucky winners a family four-pack of tickets. Simply email us at [email protected] with your mailing address and “All About Kids” in the subject line. The deadline is February 21st at noon.

Facebook Aficionados, Fanatics, and Freaks

Melissa Howell blogs about her life with her three princesses and her one Superman-look-alike husband at The Howell Herald. She is also an administrator at Bloggers Annex and is a professional photographer specializing in babies and children. You can see her work at her website, Blue Prints Photography.

My freshman year of college I met a boy named Stan. Stan was completely obsessed with me, which was flattering and frightening all at the same time. He nicknamed me “Swiss Miss” and wanted to marry me and move to the Alps. Or make me stay home and whip up hot chocolate all the time. I’m a bit hazy on the details. Anyhow, as luck (or divine providence) would have it, I left on a mission for my church one week before he got back from his, and he got engaged to someone else just before I got home.

After he got married, we lost touch. I still maintained a fondness for him and attempted to locate him on many occasions. A few months ago, I was finally successful. The first thing he says to me is, “I’m on Facebook,” with a tone to his voice that clearly indicated that if I had any sense at all, and if I aspired to be a “cool” person, I would obviously be on Facebook myself. Sure, I had received invitations from other friends to join, but to me, it was just one more thing I had to remember a username and password for, and I didn’t want to bother. Besides, I was wary of those social networking sites. But then Stan told me he had gotten fat and that there were pictures of his fat self on Facebook. And I had to see. So I joined.

I must say that I was disappointed to find that I had been duped. Stan was not, in fact, fat. Yes, he had put on weight, but he just looked like a healthy adult as opposed to the stickly college freshman that I knew. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that many old friends from high school were also on Facebook. I have been able to reconnect with the boy I had a crush on in math class, my adorable and naive Chinese friend (who is now a brilliant doctor) and many others.

However, I have noticed that many people seem to be completely