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Mama's Product Picks

Mile High Mama Product Picks!

Our mamas are always on the lookout for the coolest mom- and child-related items. That’s why we are pleased to regularly bring you product reviews from our panel of moms to help you see what’s hot…and what’s not.

This week’s reviews included:

Karmiczen wrote about the latest version of the Hallmark Card Studio.

Hallmark logoI have not bought a single greeting card in almost five years. My relatives and friends love it when I make personal cards with pictures for them. I have used Card Studio 2004 and 2006 Deluxe very successfully for several years, so I was excited to review the 2009 version.

For the full review go here

Alexa wrote about the Crib Tent II:

Our deluxe Cozy Crib Tent not only prevents climbing and falling…it keeps little limbs from getting stuck between crib rails! The safest crib tent ever! Ours not only encloses the top of the crib, it surrounds the entire interior with soft, safe netting.

Arms and legs can’t get wedged between slats, because the crib rails are shielded from top to bottom. Offers plenty of visibility, air circulation, and headroom. Keeps kitties out, too.

This is a cool product and great idea. One of my friends really loved this for her son who was crawling out of his crib all the time, but they weren’t ready to put him in a big bed, so they got him a cool “tent” for his bed. He loved it.

My daughter was so excited to put this on her bed…

For the full review go here

KPiper reviewed the kidzui website for kids:

KidZui logo
I am guilty of bubble-wrapping my kids from the Internet.

The Internet is a teeter-totter of sheltering the kids from potential evil lurking in the vast world of the World Wide Web vs. providing freedoms necessary for skill development into the technical future that awaits.

Since protecting my kids comes first, I have been the parent who would not permit visits to a range of popular sites…so imagine my kid’s excitement when I told them they could try any game they wanted …

For the full review, go here.

If you would like to have a product reviewed by one of our Mile High Mamas, please email Amber at [email protected].

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