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Peace Big and Small

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A child asked at bedtime, “Mommy why is there war? Why can’t there be peace in the world?”

“Well, to have peace in the world, we need peace in our country.

“To have peace in our country, we must have peace in our city.

“To have peace in our city, we must have peace in our neighborhood.

“To have peace in our neighborhood we must have peace in our home.

“To have peace in our homes we must have peace in ourselves.” *

So, my Mile High Mama friends, rather than wishing for world peace, I wish you each peace within yourselves.

And I wish the same for me.

*vignette paraphrased from a story told to me by a very wise woman

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  • comment avatar Melissa D December 24, 2008

    Beautiful! She was indeed a very wise woman.

    Peace to you, Miss Lori, and to all the Mile High Mamas and their families!

  • comment avatar Kagey December 24, 2008

    Isn’t this true? I have found when I am satisfied, my home can be in chaos, and I can handle it. When I have internal peace, my home can be having a normal (hectic) day and I can’t seem to handle anything.

  • comment avatar Kagey December 24, 2008

    Ooops, meant to say in that last sentence “when I don’t have internal peace…”

  • comment avatar Amber Johnson December 24, 2008

    Beautiful, Lori. Here is to a peaceful, joyous and safe holiday for all our Mamas!

  • comment avatar Jill Tranquill December 24, 2008

    What a wonderful thought. Thank you for some new perspective!

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