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The Big Day

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[photopress:vote_1_2.jpg,thumb,pp_image]I think you all have figured out by now I am a political junkie. Well, let’s just say I know enough to be dangerous. But today is certainly a relief. I am ready for the election to be over and move on to the big picture. But there is one, teensy, minor detail that needs to happen before we can do that.

We all need to vote, we need to elect a new president.

Whichever candidate you are behind, this is a great opportunity to teach our children about the importance of voting. And seeing as the 2000 election was decided by just over 500 votes and a few hanging chads, it’s also time to talk about the value of our votes. Every. vote. counts.

Imagine if we didn’t have the right to vote at all?

Friends from Europe have joked that if an American doesn’t see a sign prohibiting something, they assume they are allowed to do it. Europeans have the mindset that they are only allowed to do it if there IS a sign expressly telling them to go for it. That’s a pretty big chasm there. We are lucky to have our freedoms, and to not exercise our right to vote – to me – seems, well, arrogant and ungrateful.

Sure the system isn’t perfect. Sure there are problems.

But that is why we vote. Every vote counts, every voice heard. OK, yes, sometimes we have to yell.

But we’re loud.

We’re Americans, right?

Stand tall, stand proud! Have you voted yet?

Author: Aimee

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  • comment avatar Melissa D November 4, 2008

    Loud AND proud! :o) Great post, Aimee.

    Ya’ll be safe and patient out there today!

  • comment avatar crunchy domestic goddess (amy) November 4, 2008

    So glad to see a post on MHM today about voting. Thanks, Aimee. This is such an important election and Colorado is playing such a big role this year. I voted via mail-in ballot last week. My 4 yr old daughter got to drop the ballot into the box and was thrilled to have voted for “Brock Obama.”

    Get out there and vote. πŸ™‚

  • comment avatar Erika November 4, 2008

    I actually voted early β€”Β which was funny because it felt very last-minute. I voted on Friday, the last day of early voting. My husband and I joined many other last-minute, early voters and waited in line for over an hour to cast our votes. It was fine though and the time went by rather quickly. Of course, it was a beautiful day and we had our daughter in tow who was charming all of the otherwise-annoyed people. We just sort of made a day of it and it felt good to do it.

    I urge everyone to get out there today, no matter what your schedule is like or the weather or any other circumstances. This is too important!

  • comment avatar Alida November 4, 2008

    just go out and vote. I went out with my 5 year old daughter to vote today. i think its essential to stand up and express our vote. teach our kids about democracy.we supported McCain in our vote . However, its critical to just go and vote.

  • comment avatar jen November 4, 2008

    Mailed that puppy in a couple of weeks ago! Been waiting on pins and needles since. Eight hours from now, when results are in, I’m.Done. LOL

  • comment avatar monstergirlee November 4, 2008

    Mailed my vote in last week. Fortunately the receptionist is a friend of mine so I didnt’ need to worry about my ballot getting “lost” on its way to the post office. Oy!

  • comment avatar Megan November 5, 2008

    What an amazing day it was.

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