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Preserve Your Family’s Memories with our Clickfree Portable Backup Giveaway (a $159 value)

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[photopress:clickfree.jpg,full,pp_image]If there is anything mamas love it’s pictures of their children. And if you’re anything like me you have a slew of them saved on your computer.

According to Harris Research, only 4 percent of consumers regularly back up data on their PCs, leaving 96 percent of people in a position to lose irreplaceable computer data including expensive digital music downloads, precious family photos and crucial financial files and/or school documents. Up until a few weeks ago, I was one of them.

And then I discovered Clickfree™ Portable Backup HD801, which claims to be the world’s first technology that performs backup by simply connecting the storage device to the PC without having to set up or configure software. Sound easy? It’s really just that simple.

The ClickFree product line of portable hard drives and DVD’s do all the work for you. They are totally automatic and require less configuration than a toaster (nothing!). Simply plug the ClickFree portable hard drive into your computer right out of the box and it will search your computer’s entire hard drive and find and copy all your files to the ClickFree drive. There is absolutely no software to install or configuration/set-up process. No computer knowledge required at all. The new HD 801 currently handles a huge amount of data (160 Gigabytes – which is miniscule compared to the amount of space an entire family would need). It’s amazingly simple to protect your data.

A few facts:

• One device can back up 10 PCs, as it will compartmentalize each PC’s data. The Clickfree Portable Backup HD801 can automatically back up over 350 different file types. All Word files, PowerPoint, email files, attachments within emails, photos, movies, music files. It even finds preferences, favorite websites and browser lists.

• It provides incremental backup; upon first-time use it will automatically find all of the files and copy them to the hard drive. Each time after that, it will only back up the new files.

• While the software’s default settings will probably be sufficient for most users, it is user-modifiable, giving users full control over their backups. Even after the settings have been changed, the backup will still run without any interaction or installation.

• If a computer crashes, plug in the HD801, hit the “restore” button, and it will bring the data back into its original folder locations again.

The Clickfree Portable Backup HD701 is available now at leading retailers across North America, including Best Buy. The MSRP is $159.

We are thrilled to offer one lucky mama a ClickFree Portable Backup! To enter, simply email us at with “Clickfree” in the subject line. Please include your mailing address. Contest deadline is November 8, 2008.

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