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Triathlon Mama and a Mile High Mamas Race for the Cure Team

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When we moved to Colorado in 2005, one of our first purchases was a set of bicycles. I got a comfort bike, Kyle got a hybrid, and we started riding on the Cherry Creek trail.

Kyle had always been a recreational runner, and when he heard about the local rec center’s annual sprint triathlon, he decided to ramp up his swimming and sign up for the tri.

Honestly, I didn’t understand his enthusiasm until that clear, blue-skied September morning when the girls and I cheered him on through the transitions and across the finish line: “Go, Daddy! GO!”

I watched all the participants – anticipating their start, persevering through all three races, and triumphantly completing the course – and thought to myself, “Damn, that looks fun.”

I’m no athlete. Never have been. But after three years of watching Kyle and the other triathletes – including my father-in-law last year – last May, I told Kyle to sign me up.

I followed a training program, hitting the pool, the treadmill or track, or the trail nearly every day. I started early enough that I wasn’t panicked; in fact, I was astounded by my progress – particularly the cross-training benefits.

That Sunday morning a few weeks ago, I was ready. I was excited. I knew that I could handle the entire course, and that was my only official goal: just to finish.

Not only did I finish, I finished comfortably in the top half of all participants, and very nearly in the top third of all females. Not bad for a rookie, huh?

Friends of mine told me that I’d get the bug, that I’d want to keep doing triathlons – and they’re right. But not only do I want to get in shape for the triathlon season next year, I want to try bike tours and bike races, and 5K and 10K runs. I’m amazed by what I did – what I really wasn’t sure I could do.

Next up, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure here in Denver on October 5. We’re putting together a Mile High Mamas team (better late than never!), so if you want to join the fun (no need to run – walking counts too!), let us know in the comments.

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  • comment avatar Kari September 23, 2008

    How great for you! I don’t consider myself an athlete, either but if you can do it, maybe I should try to expand my horizons.

  • comment avatar Carol September 23, 2008

    I’m glad you mentioned the Race for the Cure! I haven’t run that race in years and it’s such a great cause. I live in Houston so I won’t be able to run with you guys but I will be signing up to run the Houston race the day before!

  • comment avatar Kagey September 23, 2008

    Okay, the obvious question – when do you train? I can barely eke out two sessions at the gym a week (and that’s not happening this week due to kids’ colds!).
    But I’m always amazed/happy for the moms who get out there and race – esp. for a good cause!

  • comment avatar Suzanne B September 23, 2008

    I really want to go!
    I have a wedding to go to that evening, but I’m golden for the morning!

    I will walk, and I’m totally stoked!

  • comment avatar Catherine September 24, 2008

    I’m so proud of you, J. You inspire me. I won’t be able to make the run Oct. 5th, but I will certainly mark my calendar for next year.

  • comment avatar Aimee Greeblemonkey September 24, 2008

    I wish I could join in, we ALWAYS do RFTC (albeit the WALKING part)… but alas, I will be out of town that weekend.

    WTG Jules!

  • comment avatar Suzanne B September 30, 2008

    What is the news on this? When/where are we meeting?

    I’d am planning on being there!

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