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Mama Blogger of the Month–Heidi of Outdoor Baby!

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[photopress:Heidi.jpg,full,pp_image]We are pleased to feature Heidi of Outdoor Baby as our Mama Blogger of the Month! She is a mom of one and has gone beyond just enjoying the outdoors to creating a blog and Web site to help others do it, too.

Tell us about your “Outdoor Family!”

My “Outdoor Family��? is comprised of my husband Erik (our fifth anniversary was on August 5th) and our daughter Cora (age two). Erik and I were both working for Outward Bound in Canada when we met and we’ve had lots of outdoor adventures since then. Now that we have Cora we try to find outdoor activities that we can all enjoy together. She loves to point out different flora she can identify (juniper, pine, flowers, sage, and cactus), and look at rocks and insects when we’re ‘amping’ (camping).

What is the inspiration behind Outdoor Baby?

The inspiration for Outdoor Baby comes from my own love of the outdoors and from our experiences learning to camp with Cora. We found that even though we both had lots of outdoor experience, we couldn’t find any resources on the web to support us as we learned how to camp as a family, so we learned mostly through trial and error.

I thought that since there wasn’t an information-sharing site for families who love spending time in the outdoors together, that I would create one. I believe that the natural world is a great teacher and can be a bond for families. I also wanted this Web site to inspire families who have never been outdoors to try it out. My vision for the Outdoor Baby is for it to inspire families to venture outdoors with their children whether it be on a venture to the local city park or on a multi-day canoe trip.

Tell us how people can best use your site?

People can best use the site by reading stories, sharing their own stories, and by asking questions.

Do you take contributions?

You have to be a member to post stories, questions and tips. Membership is free and I review content to make sure it is family-friendly. I have a weekly blog and every week I select a tip of the week. Once a month I pick an outdoor baby of the month and a featured business.

What is your favorite place to go in the outdoors with your family?

I don’t know if I have one particular favorite place, but a recent favorite was a campsite in the Sonora desert near Tucson. We slept out in the open under crystalline night skies blanketed in stars. In the mornings we awoke nestled in the otherworldly beauty of a desert landscape populated with majestic Saguaro and Organ cacti. It was unforgettable.

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