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The Cap is on the Summer of 2008

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These are the best years of my life. My kids are old enough to take care of their own bathroom duties and young enough to still believe that I know it all.

We’ve had so much fun this summer. We have biked, traveled, and swam. Often when I am soaking up the sun and watching my kids swim I find myself humming the Jim Croce song, “Time in a Bottle.��?

If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that Id like to do
Is to save every day
Till eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you

I’m sure when Mr. Croce penned those lines he imagined a wine bottle with a tattered label and a wooden cork. It definitely conjures up a more romantic image than the receptacle I chose to capture the summer of 2008…a Mason jar.

We make an effort to set aside one night a week to spend as a family. Monday night at our house is “Family Night.��? This Monday we created a time capsule.

First, we decided on the timeframe for our time capsule. We all agreed that ten years would be long enough to wait. The boys will be 19, Mini Me will be 17, and Secret Agent Man and I will be ten years older.

Then, a label for the Mason jar was created that said, “Payne Family Time Capsule, Do not open until 2018.��? The kids agreed that we should have flying cars by then.

I passed out a questionnaire for my family to fill out. It included questions like; how old are you now, what are your favorite things to do, what would you like to accomplish in ten years, what would you like to tell your future self?

After finished our questionnaire, we each picked a small item to put into the jar. Boy No. 1 and Boy No. 2 chose Pokemon cards. Mini Me donated a Littlest Pet Shop bumblebee. Secret Agent Man put in a two dollar bill and his Delta Sky Miles Gold Medallion Frequent Flyer card. I donated a current picture of the family and one of my favorite pair of earrings.

The location of the burial is a predetermined spot in the backyard. We are breaking the first cardinal rule of time capsules, according to Paul Hudson of the International Time Capsule Society, who says, “If you make a time capsule, don’t bury it.��? He claims that the town of Corona, California, has lost track of 17 different time capsules.

Well, we figured that since our backyard is smaller than the town of Corona, the likelihood of not finding the time capsule again would be significantly decreased. We will just keep digging until we find it! With any luck, I’ll achieve my own goal of having a pool in ten years.

More info on Time Capsules

*The world’s first time capsule cannot be opened until May 28, 8113. Among other things it contains, The Bible, the script from “Gone with the Wind,��? and the recorded voices of Hitler, FDR, and Popeye.

*Making your own time capsule? Choose a container that will keep the contents cool, dark, and dry. Don’t include food or drink. Select a date on which to open the time capsule–preferably within your lifetime. Keep a list and photos of the contents.

*You can register your time capsule with the International Time Capsule Society by writing to them at: International Time Capsule Society, Oglethorpe University, 4484 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30319-2797.

*Buy a time capsule kit, “Ark of the Future,��? at This includes a sleek aerodynamic, molded metal time capsule, a permanent sealing label, a poster-size family tree, and a handbook with complete step by step instructions for creating, dedicating, and preserving your Ark to the future.

*No secure location for your time capsule? No problem. At you can send an e-mail to yourself in the future for any given date that you choose.


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