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How a Pigeon Saved My Toosh

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I have been going to my massage therapist once a month (OK, sometimes twice a month) since I was pregnant with Declan. That makes it like 6 years now. And my main complaint has always been my derriere. Specifically the *side* of my rear end, nearly around to my hips, deep inside my glut muscles. My massage therapist routinely must take a crowbar and shove it inside that region to get them to chill out. I am sure it’s all related to my poor posture at work, but since I am a graphic designer and spend time split between mouse and keyboard, I cannot stand those mobile keyboard trays – and when it comes right down to it, I like sitting with my legs crossed all day long. But my butt pays dearly for it.

So, imagine this scene. About a month ago, I am sitting in the large, glass-front conference room with my Grants Manager and Research Director and we are on a conference call with colleagues in another state. We are discussing a new project, but it is mainly their project and we are mainly tuning them out. (We are nothing if not professional). We keep hitting the mute button on the phone to discuss other things, like our weekend, the weather… and finally my back is killing me so much I land on the floor to do some stretches.

Come to find out, our Grants Manager is a bit of a yoga aficionado and once she realizes the source of my pain, recommends several stretches and gets down on the floor with me to demonstrate. Never to be left out, the Research Director joins us on the floor and we have an impromptu yoga class right then and there. In the large glass-front conference room. We caused quite a stir.

Here is where the pigeon thing comes in.

[photopress:pigeon_SUPPORTED_737176.jpg,full,pp_image]She showed me Pigeon Pose, which has subsequently stretched out my gluts in ways I never thought possible before. AND, allows me to post these awesome photos of Mr. Cool Yoga.

But seriously. If you have ever had a pain in the ass (other than your husband, boss or mother-in-law), check this stretch out.

I now regularly do it on my office floor in the middle of the day to get the blood flowing. I only get minor double-takes from coworkers these days.

But I am still going to see my massage therapist. Some habits are hard to give up, right?

Updated to add: I *never* meant to imply that my husband has ever been a pain in the ass. And just because he is standing over my shoulder right now making me type this in no way makes him a pain in the ass this very second, either.

Are there any yoga aficionados out there? How has yoga helped you?

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  • comment avatar Amber Johnson July 8, 2008

    I bought my daughter a little yoga DVD for us to do together. We both lasted about five minutes and were limping around the rest of the day.

    Glad the pigeon was much kinder to you. 🙂

  • comment avatar natalie July 8, 2008

    i have never done yoga, but it sounds amazing. i think i would love it, and might actually join a class when i get back to the states. i guess it might be better to get a video first so i don’t show up at a class as the only clueless one there. because i am totally clueless about most of it!

  • comment avatar Kari July 8, 2008

    I actually think it would work for husband who are a pain in the butt, too. 🙂

  • comment avatar Kari July 8, 2008

    Errr… that would be HUSBANDS!

  • comment avatar Jessica July 8, 2008

    I actually credit yoga with helping me overcome years of infertility. I had tried many different treatments (including Clomid) and wasn’t making any progress. Since we couldn’t afford the heavy duty drugs at the time, I started yoga instead. I focused my practice on fertility boosting poses, and later added acupuncture and reiki. My son is now 5 (and big brother to 3 others) – all because I was willing to give the pigeon a try! 🙂

  • comment avatar Tiff July 8, 2008

    I’m starting pilates, and it is a HUGE source of pain in my ass area. I don’t think I can graduate up to yoga yet.

    I also needed a crowbar shoved into my nether regions after birthing my beautiful children. Birth was by far the least painful thing about the pregnancies! :O


  • comment avatar Heidi Ahrens July 8, 2008

    Yeah, Yoga helped me with infertility also. I never did clomid but I was told I only had a 1 % chance of pregnancy with that drug and a 60 % chance of miscarriage. My yoga teacher taught me a sequence that helped me keep the baby.

    I also find that yoga keeps me more fit and relaxed then any other sport. It also helps me make major life decisions.

  • comment avatar Megan July 10, 2008

    I love that you are doing this is front of everyone at work! And the photo is awesome!

  • comment avatar reviews August 5, 2008

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