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Front Range Adventure Boot Camp Kicks [My] Bootie

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[photopress:biggestloser.gif,full,pp_image]I have survived my first two weeks of boot camp. No, this maple-leaf-pledging Canuck did not join the American troops but I have ventured out on a new kind of workout and weight-loss program. The kind I hope will not only kick butt but will reduce my protruding one.

Do you know those women whose pounds just seem to magically melt away after giving birth? I am not among them. Following my first pregnancy, I lost most of the weight but after baby No. 2, it is still clinging to me like a blood-sucking leech. Too bad they don’t do fat.

I have participated in a number of great mommy and me exercise classes, most of which I highly recommend. But this time, I needed something different; I needed to focus only on myself to get back on track.

Enter: Front Range Adventure Boot Camp for Women. The program originated out of Orange County, CA and is a part of the largest fitness boot camp in the world. Well, daunting Canadian marine corps notwithstanding.

I was thrilled to begin my four-week outdoor fitness program, nutritional counseling and motivational training. As I was leaving for my first day of class, my husband called out,

“Have fun!”
“This is boot camp, Jamie. I am not supposed to have fun.”
“Well, don’t cry, then.”
“That’s better.”

And it is so much better than any workout I have ever done. Instead of being submitted to the drudgery of the stairmaster or weight machines, the program takes everyday objects and uses them as tools. We have done everything from hill training to park-playing to racing up a half-pipe to playing dodge ball. And I am having the time of my life with this cohesive group of women who are already making extracurricular plans to go backpacking and scale 14ers this summer.

Rest assured, it ain’t all fun and games. The first class was the longest hour of my life and the next day, I unearthed muscles I never knew I had. How did I discover them? Simple: I could not move them.

Robyn Morrisette is our lean, buff, butt-kicking machine. She is motivating but not annoying. Tough but fair. But overall, she is an inspiration. She left her longtime career in the corporate world to become a Certified Life Coach and now whips people’s butts into shape on a full-time basis. I feel a kinship to her because I did the same thing.

Only mine is called motherhood.

Join Amber on her journey – and butt whipping – over the next few months. Starting next Friday, Amber will be documenting her successes and setbacks every single week in Boot Camp’s Biggest Loser Club. Amber can also be found blogging about it at Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck.

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  • comment avatar Candace Karr March 31, 2008

    I finally understand where the “Crazy” comes in Canuck. Good luck to you! I will be tuning in for your adventures!

  • comment avatar yvonne March 31, 2008

    Good luck–looking forward to more posts about the whole experience. Would love some exercise ideas, mine are getting kind of boring .

  • comment avatar alex March 31, 2008

    AGH! Everyone is getting into shape and I am just dreaming about it…I guess I should take a clue from you and Nike: and JUST DO IT!

    Maybe when the weather turns warmer?

  • comment avatar KarenJ March 31, 2008

    Ohmygosh, this sounds like so much fun! Dieting and working out is such a drudgery to me. I need a kick-start.

    I’ll be watching!

  • comment avatar serf 'rett March 31, 2008

    BUMMER! Oh, wait, that is the idea, isn’t it. Workin’ on the ol’ bum. Or would we say, workin’ our bum off?

  • comment avatar Kris G March 31, 2008

    I too just joined Robyn’s boot camp and it is definately a workout! I am a former member of the “Anti-Gym” and am used to the negativity and harshness that they put on and was skeptical when joining BootCamp. I am so relieved to have such a positive role model and a fun one too! I love it and plan to continue with more sessions!

  • comment avatar Dee Dee Hogoboom March 31, 2008

    Ladies, if you are looking for a TRUE kick butt work out that will inspire not only pounds and inches to melt away but allow you to over come long barried fears of what you thought you couldn’t do physically, then Front Range Adventure Boot Camp is for YOU. I am finishing up my 7th camp, I have lost 20 POUNDS, gone down two full sizes, have lean tone muscles, and a zest for life that I have never know. The physical transformation is just the begining. the mental transformation is completely life changing. AND IT’S FUN!!!!! Not easy, not to be taken lightly and not to be confused with rec. center boot camps. FRAB is for real. Are you?

  • comment avatar Lana James March 31, 2008

    Oh my gosh, this sounds like a TOTAL BLAST! You have inspired me. Almost!!

  • comment avatar Heidi March 31, 2008

    I would looooooooove to do this with you Amber. It sounds just like the kind of thing I need. I am tired of the gym, tired of the treadmill, and frankly, it shows on my waistline. Gawd, I’m really bummed that you are so far away 🙁

    Good luck, I can’t wait to read about your progress.


    PS: And sorry about my lack of commenting lately…I’ve swamped under a pile of work. But I know what you mean about it being discouraging to write if you feel noone’s reading. I’m like that, too.

  • comment avatar Robyn Morrisette March 31, 2008

    Amber !!!!! I am honored that you have chosen Front Range Advenuture Boot Camp as your way to lose weight, reduce body fat, tone your body and, best of all, have fun doing it! (Well, at least you aren’t crying!) Your laughter, vivacious attitude and continued hard work during camp is an inspiration to me. I am committed to inspiring you to reach your fitness goals and as you are finding out, I take my “job” of kicking your butt very seriously!

    For those of you who live in the Aurora, Centennial and Cherry Creek area, Kelli Meier (my partner in crime) has her boot camp there. Check out

    Thrilled to have you in camp Amber!

  • comment avatar Lisa March 31, 2008

    That sounds like…um, I was going to say fun. Fun for you, how’s that? I can get back into the routine when school is out. I know, it’s a cop-out (as I am listening to my hubby huff and puff his way through his weight training), but I can’t seem to manage working, parenting, and excercising.
    I wish there was something like that here in Northwest Indiana.

  • comment avatar Eva March 31, 2008

    You may have just inspired me to try it. I, too will be watching!

  • comment avatar Sabrina Koogler March 31, 2008

    Sounds like an awesome program! Have fun kickin’ butt!

  • comment avatar Amber March 31, 2008

    Thanks for your encouragement, everyone! And Sabrina, I think it’s more about getting my butt kicked. 🙂

  • comment avatar Jane B March 31, 2008

    Good luck…losing weight should be fun! It’s hard to lose until you enjoy doing it, then it starts to become easier. I’m looking forward to seeing the old svelt Amber of yesteryear…don’t worry your butt isn’t that big! Love ya!!

  • comment avatar Lauren March 31, 2008

    Good for you girlie!

    I have been posting very infrequently…it doesn’t have anything to do with comments or no comments, it is just I may be the worst multi-tasker ever to walk the face of the earth.

    I guess Spring Break is, “Hurricaine Season” for you…heh, heh, heh! Just kidding! She is so beautiful and from what I read, SMART!

  • comment avatar Loralee March 31, 2008

    GO, AMBER!
    I’m in a bootcamp and it is kicking my A$$. However, it’s put on more muscle than I ever could do alone, so I’m doing it again next month

  • comment avatar Carol March 31, 2008

    I need a Robyn in my life! I can get motivated for a while but then I get tired of my workouts and slack (as I am now) I wonder if there is a Robyn clone in Houston…

  • comment avatar liz March 31, 2008

    What I want to know is: with 2 kids, where will you find the time? Every day I wonder, now where did the day go?

  • comment avatar liz March 31, 2008

    You bootcamp gals should start a relay team and run the Colfax Marathon on May 18!

  • comment avatar elasticwaistbandlady April 1, 2008

    I’m a voyeur. I’ll only watch people suffer through Weight Loss Boot Camp.

  • comment avatar Lisa April 1, 2008

    I wouldn’t last a second. I’m a wimp.

  • comment avatar SAAM April 1, 2008

    Good luck, Amber!!

    I myself have joined Jillian’s site in hopes to get my pre-baby body back. My baby is 13 years old so it would be about time!!!

  • comment avatar Becky Smith April 1, 2008

    I can’t believe you’re putting yourself out there like this! I have been looking for something to whip me into shape in Denver and will be watching you to see if I have found it!

  • comment avatar chel April 1, 2008

    That is awesome! I can’t wait to hear more about it and your progress.

  • comment avatar Mel @ A Box of Chocolates April 1, 2008

    What a great way to get a butt in gear. I wish there was one around me! Good luck and yeah I totally agree that motherhood sounds just the same!!

  • comment avatar Jill April 1, 2008

    Hi Amber – welcome to bootcamp!

    This is my second bootcamp and I can safely say that I’m hooked! I still recall being terrified on the first day. I was sure I would be the only significantly overweight woman surrounded by hard core athletes and I would feel like a loser. What I quickly learned is that there is a little of everything in bootcamp and everything is structured so we can ALL get through the workouts at our own pace and fitness level. Who would have thought I would look forward to working my butt off (literally) at 5:30 am??? The women are great, we all give 110% and we generally add in some laughs while we are suffering. Robyn has truly been a blessing to me. She makes me want to be better and stronger (physically and emotionally) every day. Do something great for yourself! You won’t regret it.

  • comment avatar Debbie Kampman April 3, 2008

    What can I say about Robyn…what a woman! She has so much to give and gives of herself everyday. She inspires, encourages and believes in you when you need her the most. She has many titles (Boot Camp instructor, Personal Trainer, Life Coach) but I believe the one that she is most…a true friend. Her boot camps are an excellent way to get into shape. I really like the before and after results, it shows progress and numbers don’t lie. If have been or are thinking about coming to her boot camps, I would encourage anyone to take the leap of faith and know Robyn will take you to where ever you want to go: losing weight, getting tone, building muscle, or even becoming an Ironman. Thanks Robyn for all you do!
    Debbie Kampman

  • comment avatar DenverDoll April 7, 2008

    I do not know which gym she is from (I think she just went independent and mobile, hm…), but there is a new trainer on that has lost over 80 pounds herself. I clicked on her link and she looks really good for such a massive loss herself—going for some figure competitions.
    That’s what I need right now, someone who has been through the trenches. Not a natural size two cheerleader.
    I have 15 post-baby pounds to go. Someone report back on how Jess is or I will!
    Her link is

  • comment avatar Carol April 8, 2008

    We have one here in Houston too! YAY!!! My only problem is finding a place to shower before going back to work. Working on that issue! Let me know how it’s going for you. I need inspiration to start. I need to wait until summer when I know I don’t have to take the teenager to school. So I have to stay motivated to join at the end of May.

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  • comment avatar Dave @ Boot Camp Instructor Certifcation September 9, 2010

    Great post – hope your boot camp experience is a good one!

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