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When you know your Easter festivities have sunk to a new low

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[photopress:Easterrun.jpg,full,pp_image]You are one of only a few families invited to a friend’s Easter egg hunt where they stuffed about 1,000 eggs and hid them all over their huge backyard.

You know you have sunk to a new low when:

1) A certain father shadows his daughter around the yard. When her bucket is full, instead of quitting like she wants, you convince her to keep hunting and completely fill your jacket full of eggs.

2) You later find your outgoing daughter, stripped down to her panties, sitting on a bed reading a book while her friends play outside.

3) When you hear there are several eggs with $2 bills inside, a certain mother shoves little children aside to shake every single egg, listening for the money.

4) All of the above.

P.S. How was YOUR Easter?

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  • comment avatar Candace March 24, 2008

    Toooooo funny! My Easter was positively boring compared to you. 🙂

  • comment avatar Lisa March 24, 2008

    Our Easter was nice. Since my girls are older they get practical gifts, like eggs stuffed with new socks, and new pajamas in their baksets. This year I did stuff some eggs with money that they can use for our trip to Wisconsin Dells this week. We had dinner with friends (she cooked, that was my gift), and played cards all night. Now, reality sets in and I have to do laundry, pack, and clean the house for the dog-sitter to stay here.

  • comment avatar motherofbun March 24, 2008

    Oh that is FUNNY!

    Ok. Maybe you and I should get together and look for Easter eggs next year? Our kids can watch from the sidelines and cheer us on?

    As for the computer stuff. My hubby had a very difficult time sharing his computer. (As I went through blogging withdrawals. He claimed he needed it at night for additional work so I’d only get it once he was sleeping and the battery had maybe 20 minutes left. So I feel your pain darlin!

  • comment avatar KarenJ March 24, 2008

    Funny, funny, funny. Suddenly all the drama that insued over Easeter doesn’t feel too bad anymore!

  • comment avatar KarenJ March 24, 2008

    Oh, and that picture of your daughter? It looks like she is in pain!

  • comment avatar Andrea Barnes March 24, 2008

    Too cute! I second the oninion on your poor daughter. What a trooper!

    Our Easter was busy and fun. We had 30 people over to my house and I cooked for them all. OK, so maybe it was more busy than fun….

  • comment avatar Dana Chase March 24, 2008

    I would have to say having 30 people over sounds like anything but fun. But stealing money from a baby? Now we’re talking!

  • comment avatar Lizzy March 24, 2008

    I sunk to my low when I told my children that Next Easter will be veeeery different (read: NO EASTER EGG HUNT FOR YOU!). Yeah, the Easter Bunny’s wife got a little ticked off this year.

  • comment avatar Loralee March 24, 2008

    I should have skipped my Easter and just come over to your house.


  • comment avatar yvonne March 24, 2008

    Mine was great, but certainly nothing like yours ; )
    I hope there was chocolate in some of those eggs.

  • comment avatar OHmommy March 24, 2008

    LOL… how funny. That picture is hysterical!

  • comment avatar Anonymous March 24, 2008

    That is the funniest thing ever- My easter was lame—- to busy of a weekend-

    Have a good week

  • comment avatar Cherrye March 25, 2008

    Ha ha…mine was good. The weather was beautiful here! We celebrate on Monday here in Italy, as well.

  • comment avatar Ashlee March 25, 2008

    ha! We played Rock Band for Jesus. My poor deprived 2 year old has yet to partake in the dyeing or hunting of eggs. We ARE missing out!

  • comment avatar Damselfly March 25, 2008

    Easter sunk to a new low, huh? Mine too. Except mine can’t be told in as humorous a way as you tell yours! Starting with the SIL who still won’t talk to me (since Thanksgiving), and no one in the family wanting to watch my boy do the egg hunt (although they always watched his cousin do it….)

  • comment avatar Nadine March 25, 2008

    Oh you poor thing. I pray that your laptop gets resurrected.

  • comment avatar Guinevere Meadow March 26, 2008

    Such a sweet picture of the two of them over at “Crazy Canuck.”

    I’d be shaking all the eggs too. Show me the money!!

  • comment avatar Caloden March 26, 2008

    One year my mother actually scooped up my then three year-old daughter and ran with her to an area of the egg hunt where the other preschoolers couldn’t access with their stubby legs. We still laugh about it every year and I still have to instruct her to stand well away from the starting line of the annual egg hunts.

  • comment avatar Ana March 26, 2008

    Bwahaaaa! Love it! Ours was not nearly as hilarious as yours, but very nice. Went to church and had a nice Easter brunch.

  • comment avatar Jane @ What About Mom? March 27, 2008


    We coached our girls before the hunt. “Don’t let the boys take all the eggs. If they’re there first, fine, but If you’re reaching for it, you get it.” I was proud of how “assertive” they were in their hunting!

    And, baby, if there’d been any hint of money in those eggs . . . watch out!

  • comment avatar elasticwaistbandlady March 28, 2008

    I cooked an actual meal with actual ingredients and nothing pre-made or from a box. Then I spent the rest of the day reveling in the glory that came from my children telling me how I’m the best mom, ever!

    Full Bellies=Happy Hearts

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