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Middle-Aged Suburban Sow – Yep, That Sounds About Right

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Occasionally I reprint one of my posts from my personal blog mothergoosemouse on, the Parker edition.

I typically select posts that pertain to events or issues in the local Denver area, and a recent post about an incident at a local high school was a perfect fit, so I copied and pasted it – knowing that it was likely to irritate residents, especially those who had children at the high school.

Friday afternoon, I received a call from the Community Assistant for my local edition, asking me to upload a photo to my profile because they planned to include my post in this week’s print edition of YourHub – delivered to home subscribers of the paper. Surprised and pleased, I agreed and went right back to my laptop to log in – where I found this comment on my post:

“Your arguments are ludicrous. Get a life you middle-aged suburban sow.”

(It still cracks me up to read that.)

Seriously, I howled. Tacy asked, “Mommy, why are you laughing?” and I replied, “Because some kid called me a pig.”

(Sadly, the comment has been deleted. For the record, I did not report it as objectionable, and frankly, I think it should have been left alone. Let the writer take responsibility for his words.)

Because not only did he leave me a comment, he wrote his own post to defend his point of view (albeit with a great deal of poor grammar, misspellings, and no paragraphs).

And when I left him a comment advising him that he misunderstood me – that I actually agreed that the school overreacted, he wrote ANOTHER post (again, with poor grammar, misspellings, and no paragraphs – what the hell are my kids going to learn at that high school?) belaboring his point of view again.

Sure, it’s his horse and he can beat it if he wants to, but that’s not really what raises my eyebrows. It’s that he’s using his own name as he spews forth. Has he thought about the possible repercussions of doing so – not just for himself, but for his family? Would his parents like to see what he’s written – not just the name-calling, but his posts?

We’ve got our share of trolls in the blogosphere, but they’re mostly anonymous. And even the real crazies are most likely adults.
But a kid? Who publishes a comment like that under his full name – and then comes back for more? You’ve got to wonder: where are his parents and what are they teaching him?

I stand by my original point. We need to teach our children better than that.

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  • comment avatar Heidi March 5, 2008

    Good for you not letting it get under your skin. I am horrible with personal attacks, no matter how ludicrous. And agreed: we need to teach our children better than that!

  • comment avatar horoscopicallyblonde March 5, 2008

    I’ve seen some extremely spirited exchanges with names attached at yourhub.

    I think it’s nice to see folks at least using their names with their comments, because it allows folks to see who is reading and commenting (and allows people to base behavior and personality on particular data points, name being most important in this case).

    I’m sorry you were harangued, but at least you know who to cross off Ur Khrissmas Kard list. 😀

  • comment avatar Lizzy March 5, 2008

    Well, I’m betting that it is safe to say his parents have never read anything he has written or they would have caught his bad spelling and grammer and would have him so busy with a tutor that he wouldn’t have time to bug you.

    How funny.

  • comment avatar Annie March 5, 2008

    I had a little “discussion” with my teenage nephew not too long ago. He said to me,

    “I don’t respect you, because you don’t respect me.”

    My answer:

    “Do you buy your own toilet paper? No? The day you pay for your own toilet paper, that is when you will get respect from me.”

  • comment avatar horoscopicallyblonde March 5, 2008

    Toilet paper? That’s easy stuff. Ask someone to clean the toidy and you earn instant respect.

  • comment avatar mightymom March 7, 2008

    see, now I’m so bad I’d have corrected and graded his post before replying………

  • comment avatar Liz March 8, 2008

    I’m actually a fan of the non-anonymous comments. Got to give him credit for putting his name to it!

  • comment avatar Julie March 8, 2008

    Liz, I agree – non-anonymous comments show a degree of courage. I just don’t think he considered the implications of attaching his name to his inarticulate and immature words.

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