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Life With Boys

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The Scene: We’re getting dressed for work and my 5-year-old son Declan is in the room goofing around and jabbering on. While he is jabbering on, he is continually looking at my, um, breasts. I lift his chin once. I lift his chin twice. Finally…

Aimee: “Declan, it’s not polite to stare at a woman’s breasts.”

The Son: (Wearing a huge grin) “But I like to, because they’re so cute!”

The Husband: (Who proceeds to wipe his eyes with fake tears, shake his head and smile) “This is the proudest day of my entire life.”

I think it’s time to banish Declan from the bedroom while I am getting dressed. Or maybe the husband too. I’m not sure.

Author: Aimee

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  • comment avatar Lizzy February 21, 2008

    I was just telling my husband that I truly believe men are born with their breast fetish. None of my babies ever nursed as well as the boys did. None of my children ever seemed entranced by my (and other women’s) chest except the boys. In fact, just the other day I had to change my shirt because it had some bead work that was positioned right over my cleavage and my 5 year old wouldn’t stop reaching out to touch the beads. I told him it was in my chest area and so he couldn’t touch it. Then he asked (still looking at the beads) “Why would you put them there if you don’t want me to touch them?” And my husband responds, “That’s exactly why they put them there!” Silly little men!

  • comment avatar Crunchy Domestic Goddess February 21, 2008

    Too funny. 🙂

    I don’t think it’s just boys who are fascinated w/ their mama’s breasts though. I’ve read many posts from moms of 3 yr old boys AND girls who like to look at and/or caress their mother’s breasts. (And this is a group of kids who were both breastfed and formula fed as babies so I don’t think that makes a difference either.)

    Crunchy Domestic Goddess

  • comment avatar Amber Johnson February 21, 2008

    Just the other day, my 19-month-old, who has been rather indifferent about such matters, almost fell off the bed trying to cop a feel while I was changing the other day. I think it IS inborn. 🙂

  • comment avatar Angie February 21, 2008

    Yeah, FOR SURE! Even my 6 year old was snuggling with me totally clothed watching a movie last weekend. I felt him moving about kind of funny and then noticed he was trying to look down my sweatshirt. Whaa? Anyway, I explained they are private. He asked if Daddy was allowed to look. I said, “Woah, Look at Spiderman!”

  • comment avatar PamperingBeki February 21, 2008

    Hahaha!! I’m convinced they’re born that way.

  • comment avatar imaginary binky February 21, 2008

    Haha! That is a bit awkward when your kid is ogling you. I’m guessing Amos will have a thing for big cans. His dad sure does.

    I tried to breastfeed Amos, and we had less than stellar success. However, he still must grab my boob whenever he’s napping. Ah, men folks…

  • comment avatar Shay February 23, 2008

    My son is 16 months and still breastfed. It’s been slow going teaching him some manners when it comes to grabbing at my breasts.

    My nephew used to try to look down my shirt. I taught him it was rude and he learned and I figure my son will as well.

  • comment avatar Sandi Granderry February 23, 2008

    LOL. I liked the one when my sister-in-law’s son looked at her and said, pointing to the appropriate places, “snap, snap.” That was the last time he got to shower with her.

  • comment avatar Caloden February 24, 2008

    It’s definitely a point in favor of the nature part of the nature/nurture argument. My three year-old son is still fascinated with my breasts and will often ask if there is any mommy milk left in them.

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