Month: December 2007

Happy Holidays!

Mile High Mamas will be on a brief hiatus to spend time with our families during the holidays. We will return on January 2nd with loads of fun and giveaways to help ease you back into the daily grind. And we promise to be grinding right along with you. Oh wait. Poor choice of words. You get the point. 🙂 Happy Holidays from our family to yours…. [photopress:IMG_8364.jpg,full,pp_image]

Welcome to Giveaway Grand Central Station

In just 24 hours, many of us will be whisked away in the joys of giving and receiving! At Mile High Mamas, we are givers and want to keep you (our receivers) connected with the very latest and coolest products. Starting on January 2nd, we have a fantastic lineup of bi-weekly giveaways that include Caroline Ritzer’s gorgeous Pink Lemonade Boutique Bags, darling baby wipe containers from Made by Angie, luxury children’s clothing by Elephantito, Kerry MacLean’s book collection including Pigs Over Colorado, the award-winning and practical Myself Belts, a family four-pack to the Butterfly Pavilion, hilarious balms from Least Likely to Breed, whimsical jewelry from Pampering Beki, a humorous “Living the Dream” shirt from LTDChix, Dr. Sears’ newest release The ...

Mile High Mamas on “The Edge”

We are thrilled to announce that Mile High Mamas is one of three finalists in the coveted Digital Edge Awards. Founded in 1996, the Digital Edge Awards (also known as “The Edgies”) recognize the most innovative and cutting-edge news, advertising and interactive Web sites each year. Put on by the Newspaper Association of America’s New Media Federation, entries vie for the winner’s circle in nine categories. Our nomination fell under the Most Innovative Visitor Participation category (circ. more than 250,000). Next year? We are vying for the Hottest Mommy Bloggers category. Think we stand a chance? 🙂 Thank you thank you thank you for your continued support!

You say idiosyncrazy, I say idiosyncrasy

“You look crazy.” People used to say that a lot in my family. I think they feared appearing crazy almost as much as they feared appearing poor. When I was a kid, I had this habit of saying the alphabet over and over and over and over… via sign language. In retrospect, it was obviously a compulsion. I thought that the Earth might spin off its axis if I stopped. And so I did it in the background of my life. My right hand was busy signing while my left hand ate dinner. Or my left hand was doing homework while my right hand was saying the alphabet. If I was good at anything at all ever, it was signing the alphabet. I would actually race myself, trying to get faster and faster and faster like there was a cash prize awaiting me if I signed all 26 letters in less than 15 seconds. And,...

Confessions of a 24-year-old virgin

My older sisters were full of advice about sex. Some helpful, some practical, and some was just to test my gullibility. They had gone through it before and wanted to help make my transition from vestal virgin to sex kitten a smooth one, as well as get a few laughs in for themselves. Their advice was three-fold: 1) Get on the pill three months before your wedding. 2) Spend your wedding night in your own home. And 3) whatever you do, don’t fall off the goat! As per their advice I made an appointment at the community health clinic

Recipe Swap Winners

Congratulations to our recipe swap winners: Shannon’s snow-capped gingersnaps, Carol’s wassail, Liz’s Grandy’s Christmas candy and Kristen’s candy cane fudge. Checkout The Denver Post today for all their recipes. Kudos also goes to Jennifer who won our prize package. Thanks to all who contributed to our Holiday Recipes. I threw a Christmas party last weekend and made many of the recipes including the wassail, shortcut almond rocha, cream cheese cutout cookies and the holiday bacon appetizers. My guests thank you as well. 🙂

A Taste of Culture this Holiday Season

Even though I’ve got a holiday to-do list a mile long…plus work that continues to pile up…not to mention a desperate need to vacuum and mop…I’m going to treat myself this week. No, not a facial or a massage or even a haircut (although that wouldn’t be a bad idea). I’m going to see the Titanic Artifact Exhibition at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. One of the reasons I was amenable to moving to Denver from New York was that I knew Denver had a great cultural presence. From the Art Museum to the Buell Theater, from the Children’s Museum to the Museum of Nature and Science, from the Zoo to the Botanic Gardens – I could always find something to do. Better yet, Denver is metropolitan enough that traveling exhibits and theater product...

MakeBeliever Makes a Believer Out of Me (Plus Giveaways)

[photopress:santa_pic.jpg,thumb,pp_image]I have discovered what is perhaps the most innovative, brilliant and gloriously manipulative Santa tool EVER. Let’s face it – those mall Santas are clueless with their fake beard and padded stomach. They don’t know who your child is or care what they want for Christmas. Enter It is a highly personalized Flash video from a live Santa that you create for the recipient of your choice, delivered by email. Recipients like…say…for your children. Children who just may have been nice or who may need a little “naughty” nudge in the right direction. Like in the direction towards a potty.

The (Mostly) Green Girly Gift Guide

A few weeks ago I posted my holiday toy gift guide for kids, but now is the time to start thinking about yourself and all of the women (friends, aunts, grandmothers, mothers, sisters) on your list, because let’s face it, we women deserve some great gifts too! 🙂 In keeping with the crunchy spirit of reducing, reusing and recycling, I’m happy to say that most of the items in my girly gift guide are green (good for the environment). These gift ideas aren’t just for Christmas and Chanukah, they also make great birthday presents. What could make a mostly green girly gift guide even better? How about the fact that this guide is chock full of coupon codes to help you with your holiday shopping or to score some cool stuff for yourself! 🙂

A Celebration of Light

For parents, holidays provide one teachable moment after another, and by New Year’s, most of us are tired of learning experiences almost as much as turkey. Like most, my children are captivated by Christmas lights. They marvel at dazzling colors and illuminated figures adorning our neighbors’ front yards. The holidays truly are for kids; only a child could look up at a 10-foot Homer Simpson/Santa Claus balloon – bright enough to be visible from the moon – and smile. Several years ago, my kids were only beginning to understand the meaning behind such sights. I remember driving home from pre-school one afternoon when my then 4-year old asked, “Mommy, why don’t we have lights on our house?” Without missing a beat, his twin brother said, “Jacob, ...

On Getting Back Into Dodge

Admittedly, when Dodge contacted Mile High Mamas during their quest to find 50 local moms to test drive their 2008 Dodge Caravan, I scoffed. To say I am not a fan of minivans is an understatement. My sole reasoning behind my disdain for them was summed up in Chipotle’s recent ad campaign that attested, “There is no such thing as a cool minivan.” The evidence: No. 1: My ultra-cool neighbors (who bear a strong physical resemblance to Gabrielle and Carlos Solis on Desperate Housewives) considered buying a minivan last year. Instead of being supportive, I teased them to no end that they were “selling out their coolness.” This would later come back to bite me in the buttocks.

Swappin’ Holiday Recipe Contest Reminder

Tomorrow is your last full day to share your favorite holiday recipes! Select winners will be published in The Denver Post and one lucky person will win our prize package. For details, click here.

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