Month: November 2007

Week-long test drive of the 2008 Dodge Caravan

I am often contacted by public relations firms touting their latest products. I thought I would pass this opportunity your way: Matchstick, a word of mouth marketing agency, is working on behalf of Dodge to launch the all-new Dodge Grand Caravan. They are selecting 50 social and influential* moms in the Denver area to receive a week-long test drive of the all-new 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan! All that we ask in return is your feedback about your experience. If you are interested and would like additional information please visit their website at *Disclaimer on influential because I somehow qualfied for a test drive. Perhaps it should read “50 women who are disillusioned enough to believe they have some influence in this world.” And then we would all qualify...

The Hairy Legs Report

Editor’s Note: This past week, Mile High Mamas has been dedicated unto the joys of blogging. We have discussed why and how to start a blog. Now it turns personal as each of our bloggers shares the reason they started blogging and their favorite post. My adventures in blogging started just under two years ago. I had a ton of ideas taking up space in the gray matter but I didn’t have the forum to put it all out there to share with others. My husband, Secret Agent Man, can attest to the precious hours of sleep he lost because I kept him up with conversations such as, “Honey, do you remember Jello Pudding Pops? How come they don’t make those anymore?â€?

Interview with the Vampira

My younger daughter is in speech therapy. According to her assessments, she’s just about a year behind schedule. That lost year has caused a lot of day-to-day angst for the entire family as we struggle to understand her and she struggles to be understood. I wish I could say that I have remained steadfastly patient with her, but nearly three years of non-verbal or limited communication (read: screaming) has shortened my fuse considerably (and increased my consumption of Advil and chardonnay). The following post is one of my very favorites because I saw the funny side of our mutual frustration long enough to write about it. Then I went back to drinking chardonnay from the bottle.

My Two Miracles

Why did I start blogging? Because I have a bad memory. The truth behind the bad memory is a rough childhood with an alcoholic father and a coping mechanism that stays with me to this day. Things have gotten better as an adult and I certainly don’t have any problems functioning in my life – but details… well, they just slip away. And 15 years ago I met the most amazing man, who brought so much sunshine into my life… and 5 years ago, we made a baby together… and I was tired of those details slipping away. So I started blogging.

To the girl who almost lost a digit back in ’85

It was like the perfect storm. There was my mom, my sisters, my dad, and my dear friend Juanita out in eastern Oklahoma ALL asking the exact same questions: How are the kids? What’s new with you? Whose TV are you going to park in front of for Thanksgiving? It’s not that I have anything against repeating myself, per se, but I was apt to give the same answer five or six times over the course of three days. By the sixth rendition, I’m sure I sounded as flat and unfeeling as a spare tire. Needless to say, I skimmed on the details, left out the heart of the story, and wished they would utilize email for things that didn’t involve the word forward. Add to this the fact that I prefer writing as a form of communication and that I YEARNED to have lengthy conversations with s...


Like everything else iffy in the expansive, mysterious universe, it could be George Bush’s fault. I published my first post at my home blog, Lifenut, on September 30th, 2004. During the months leading up to the 2004 elections, I found myself online a lot. I visited many political debate forums and websites, and was completely caught up in the news of the day. Many of the debate forums I liked linked to smaller, more personal slices of the internet where a person could share political views, cake frosting recipes, and baby photos all in the same day. It was intriguing and I wanted to be part of the trend. I determined I didn’t want my blog to focus on politics, however. There were plenty of blogs which did a much better job at rehashing and ranting and hand-wringing. At first, I...

It Makes Me Feel Normal. Kinda.

My son Declan has a very strict bedtime routine – completely of his own invention. When I tell you about it, please do not think we are nuts. (Just think of all the crazy stuff you have done for your kids.) Every night, every bedtime goes exactly like this: Pajamas, medicine (for allergies), brush teeth, go potty… in. that. order. Read books, the number of which depending on how long the previous stuff dragged on. Climb into bed, turn on the fish aquarium lights, turn off the room lights. DO NOT DEVIATE FROM PLAN. STAY THE COURSE.

Parenting Experiment No. 65

The Subjects: My children, ages 8, 8, 6 and myself. Hypothesis: Changing my attitude first will produce the same desired effect in my kids. A few years ago a gentlemen asked my dad how he raised such nice kids. Everyone in the room paused, listened in, and waited for my dad to impart his words of wisdom. His reply, “I just do everything they tell me.â€? Of course my dad was joking, but I thought about this recently as part of a solution to a problem I had with my kids. We had been fighting a lot. Not punching and kicking and pulling hair, just a lot of whining and “how comesâ€? and “why notsâ€?. We were at our wits end with each other.

Really…This Has Never Happened To Me

Much to MRS’s chagrin, our sex life has popped up as semi-frequent topic on my blog. And today, it rears its ugly head again. In the past I’ve complained about the systematic collapse our bedroom activity has sustained since we began procreating. I’ve lamented about my needs not being fulfilled. I’ve moaned about my numerous lonely nights by the fire with a glass of wine, my favorite quilt, and the gossamer hope that MRS would saunter by with a gleam in her eye. I’ve solicited aid from the blogosphere to intercede on my behalf with an email campaign urging MRS to embrace her wifely duties. Though as campaigns go, I must admit the groundswell I was hoping for didn’t quite materialize. Today I have news that’s bound to send shockwaves along the information superhighway. It’s ...


When I take my kids to the playground, there are always other children running around. I don’t know much about them, other than one should tie his laces and another has her shirt on inside out and appears to be mad for purple popsicles. I don’t know if he was breastfed or bottlefed. I don’t know if her mom used cloth diapers. The parents and caregivers of the children are usually scattered. Some sit on benches and watch from a distance. Others are

Cabin Fever Redefined

I am writing this as part of my recovery. At least this is what my pseudo-therapist-husband prescribed. To preface this confession, my disclaimer is that I have never been one to be caught up in the material world of lavish houses, clothing and cars. I loathe the haughtiness of country clubs and abhor shopping anywhere except for R.E.I., Super Target and Costco (the latter of which is only during “sample” hours. Because evidentally I am also a big fan of freebies). Most of our discretionary income goes towards travel, travel, travel. And muzzles for the children. So, here’s the deal. I am obsessed with The Granddaddy Purchase of them all:

Halloween Photo Contest Winner

There were many adorable and memorable entries in our Halloween photo contest but Hope Hoover’s shot of little Ladon won for the following reasons: [photopress:bat.jpg,thumb,pp_image] 1) Because those cheeks just won’t quit 2) This may be the only time a bat has ever been cute. Congratulations and stay tuned for our next contest: a free sitting and soft proofs with one of Denver’s best lifestyle photographers.