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Coming Full Circle

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My mom is going to grin ear to ear when she reads this. When I was a child, my mother had a particular way of correcting my grammar. She basically pretended she didn’t hear me and/or didn’t understand me when I spoke inappropriately.


Aimee: “Me and Jenny are playing with dolls.”
Mom: “Who?”
Aimee: “Me and Jenny.”
Mom: “Who?”
Aimee: (Exasperated). “JENNY AND I.”

This the part where my mom starts grinning. Declan has been driving us crazy lately with a very annoying way of yelling “I WANT” all the freaking time. We tried everything. Nothing worked. We finally caved and tried my mom’s method. Works like a charm.

Declan: “I want a drink!”
Aimee: “I’m sorry… Bryan… did you hear something?”
Declan: “I WANT A DRINK!!!”
Aimee: “I didn’t understand a word of that.”
Declan: “Mama, may I have a drink, please?”

I can’t wait to read a very similar entry on Declan’s blog in 25 years.

So, what parental methods that tortured you as child have come back to haunt you as an adult?

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  • comment avatar Annie November 1, 2007

    Mother knows best! Cute post!

  • comment avatar Crunchy Domestic Goddess November 1, 2007

    hee, hee. it’s so funny (and scary) how we often find ourselves doing those mom tricks we swore we’d never do. 😉


  • comment avatar Kagey November 1, 2007

    Instead of acting like I don’t understand my kids, I simply say, “That’s not how we ask for things” or “that’s not how we say that” – and eerily, that is exactly what my mom used to say, too.

  • comment avatar monstergirlee November 1, 2007

    “Because I said so, thats Why.”

  • comment avatar Aimee November 1, 2007

    Monstergirlee…. oh boy… that one too!!! 😉

  • comment avatar Brenda November 1, 2007

    All my mom had to do was give me the look and I knew right away what to do, no words were needed. I don’t quite have that technique mastered as a Mom but I am lucky to say that I have an easy going kid (thank you God), teen-ager now, that I have not needed it much. My husband says I am my mother, he loves my mom, so I take that in a good way.

  • comment avatar Heidi November 1, 2007

    It’s amazing how, as kids growing up, you think your parents are a little bit off center and all of the sudden, you’re the grown up doing the same thing they did. I’m laughing because it happens with every generation. – What – you don’t think we thought the same thing about Oma ? LOL

  • comment avatar Gretchen November 1, 2007

    I’m the oldest child, and I hated when my parents told me to “set a good example” for my younger siblings because they were watching me.

    Guess what I say all the time to our oldest child? I hate it, but it’s true. The little ones are watching her.

  • comment avatar MPPs Mom November 2, 2007

    i bet your mom is grinning. That’s when they get all their revenge, when things like this happen. We do the same things with MPP. Ekgads…….i never even thought about them having blogs where they complain about us in 25 years. oh my.

  • comment avatar Lizzy November 2, 2007

    I make my kids answer me with, “Yes, mom,” just like I had to do as a kid. The silly thing is that it truly works. Once they say, “yes, mom,” it is as if they are physically bound to follow through and obey.

  • comment avatar Joanne November 15, 2007

    This post made me laugh, my mom was the same way and I do believe my kids heard me sound just like my mother.

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