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Ready for Takeoff: Iliff Adventure Day Camp

Are you looking for some excitement to make the summer fly by? You look at the gazillion camp ads and wonder what children will gain from these experiences.  You ask yourself if this camp will help children with their self-confidence or master new skills, make new friends and better yet… keep these new friends … and then there is the Biggy … will it be so much FUN they want to go back next summer?  

Put your mind at ease!  We have you covered! At this very moment, we at Iliff Preschool’s Summer Adventure Day Camp are asking the same things!  We are brainstorming, surveying past campers, and coming up with amazing activities…activities like dashing and splashing at the pool and taking a risk coming down slippery slides. We have set aside a whole week of searching for hidden treasures…getting down and dirty digging for artifacts, rocks, and fossils. 

Just because we all like getting sticky and covered in fun, we have invited mad scientists who can show us how to concoct goo just by heading to the kitchen. We will discover things that pop and sizzle and others that grow in the night.  We have scoured the city, digging out activities campers love and are busy arranging field trips from eye-opening museums to state-of-the-art, high tech centers. We have even discovered a secret wilderness park where we can run and hike and a hill where we can freeze our backsides ice sledding in July!

Still wondering?  Let these reflections from our past campers help plan a camp experience for your child his summer:

  • I laughed, I played, and was silly all day long. 
  • I got better at what I like to do.
  • I liked being outside…. running, swimming, jumping, and hiking.
  • I tried new things.
  • I made my mother happy taking a break from TV and the internet. 
  • I got to make decisions for myself without teachers!
  • My dad tells me I need to be in camp at Iliff because I cause a lot less trouble than when I am in school.
  • Sign me up for next summer!

Our camps are for post-kindergarten through 12 years old and centrally located in Unversity Park, Denver. Enjoy exploring your options for dates and times to enroll your child by visiting our web site at

Blue Mountain Ranch: Mountain memories to last a lifetime

The Allen Family of Blue Mountain Ranch is doing now what they’ve done for the last 74 years – making preparations for another fun-filled summer at their exceptional camp located just west of Pikes Peak.  An anomaly in today’s world, Blue Mountain Ranch remains a small, private coeducational summer camp attracting some of the finest families in America and throughout the world.  Though some aspects of camp life remain much as they were years ago, exciting innovations have brought the program into the future.  A just re-worked ropes course, technical climbing, a new gymnasium and special events each summer combine with horseback riding and hiking in the Pike National Forest, swimming and sports to make this one of the most comprehensive programs in camping.  Coach Bill Allen and his wife Dorothy wanted to create a summer fun camp free of competitiveness – their daughter and son-in-law, as well as their grandsons, continue in this fine family tradition.

 Located just 35 miles south and west of Florissant, Colorado, Blue Mountain Ranch is situated in an ideal setting for summer camping.  Nestled in the foothills of Pikes Peak, surrounded by Pike National Forest, the camp is in a beautiful valley with a mountain stream that leads to a fishing and canoeing lake. Large open areas are used for sports fields, tennis courts, outdoor volleyball and other activities.  Staff members are carefully chosen for their enthusiasm, ability to work with children and their leadership abilities.  Those who work with horses, swimming, canoeing and ropes and rappelling either have special training when they arrive or are trained by our staff during orientation. Our many returning staff and campers assure the continuance of our camp spirit and traditions.

 A summer at Blue Mountain Ranch takes you back to an easier time; a time when kids could be kids doing what they do best – being active all day and then playing outdoors until dusk.  On the first day of camp, each camper chooses 5 activities to participate in for the first week.  There are five activity periods a day.  At the end of that week, they may remain in that class or switch to something else.  They can even make a change in the middle of the week if necessary.  There are also fun evening and weekend activities, including a Fourth of July Parade.  Everyone is in the parade!  The campers are busy doing what THEY enjoy doing – and most kids really like that!

Quieter activities include arts and crafts, nature crafts, music class and drama during which the campers write and produce their own play for Parents’ Day.  Rainy day activities include bingo or charades in the dining hall, dodge ball or floor hockey in the rec hall or basketball or karaoke in the gym.  There is always something to do at camp!

Sessions are either 16 days or 25 days and some kids will stay for a combination of both. Come share with us the warmth and spirit of a summer at Blue Mountain Ranch where children of all ages participate in new and traditional activities and where they are led by a family and staff who have their best interest at heart.  For further information contact Suzie Allen Graf, P. O. Box 146, Florissant, CO  80816.  (719) 748-3279

Top Benefits of Bike Camps and Nature 

In this digital age, the need for children to be engaged in physical activity is more important than ever. Because biking is so fun, it’s an activity they can do for an extended period of time while experiencing the benefits without realizing it. Biking also brings friends and family together as they enjoy the outdoors together and create wonderful memories.  

Here are some of the main benefits of going to bike camps as they learn to ride: 

Increases stamina  

As kids cycle and increase their heart rate, they are exercising their body and cardiovascular muscles, which increases their stamina. This will give them the energy to do other activities for a longer period of time.

Relieves stress 

Sitting most of the day at school and learning a lot of material can be exhausting. Biking can help kids recharge their energy, release stress, and help keep them calm.  

Improves self-confidence 

Biking helps increase self-confidence because they can move around independently and navigate their surroundings effectively. After they feel great learning new bike skills, they will be eager to try other things.   

Develop social skills 

Kids can make new friends at camp, especially as they do group activities and play fun games. Not only do they learn how to ride a bike, but also learn how to ride safely in a group setting and communicate effectively. 

Pedalheads Bike is a bike camp that has taught over 300,000 kids how to ride with confidence. The most popular camp is Level 1 Newbees that shows helps kids get off training wheels in a fun group environment. They have a proven track record of getting kids off training wheels in a week.  

One happy Colorado parent said, “My 7-year-old son learned how to ride a 2-wheeler in 1 day and was totally shocked and happy. I can see that whatever happened during his camp has increased his self-confidence exponentially.  The camp counselors were all so professional and personable and enjoyed chatting with them.” 

Importance of being out in nature 

Many scientific studies talk about the many advantages of being in nature as children grow and develop including improved short-term memory, increased mental energy, and less inflammation. Kids can feel a stronger connection to the environment and think more holistically.  

Nature is restorative and allows people to concentrate more. Studies have been done where they tested students who took a short walked around in nature compared to a group that walked around the city. Students who walked in nature scored 20% better than the first time while the group that walked around the city did not consistently improve.  

Being in nature can even improve vision! An Australian study followed almost 2,000 children for two years and found that those who spent more time outdoors had lower prevalence of near sighted-ness among 12-year olds.   

New Trail Riding Camp in Colorado 

We are blessed to have many stunning areas to see around Colorado that are best explored by bike! Families can enjoy riding together as they appreciate nature’s beauty. 

This year is the launch of the Pedalheads Trail program in Stapleton where rides can go on a biking adventure through the trail systems around Stapleton Central Park. Riders who are 4 and up will learn how to bike on uneven paths, learn cool tricks like front wheel lifts, and avoid obstacles. 

About Pedalheads

Pedalheads offers learn-to-ride bike programs in over 140 cities across Canada and the USA. In Colorado, you participate in our bike and brand new trail program! 

Learn-to-Ride Bike Camps

Our program is reputed for helping kids ages 3-12 get off training wheels and safely ride on the road. Our program includes:

  • Beginner to advanced levels
  • 3-hour half-day camps and 7-hour full-day camps
  • Private lessons
  • Before and aftercare options
Bike camp locations: Boulder, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Hampden South, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Parker, Stapleton, and Washington Park. Go to for more information!

2020 Denver Summer Camp Guide

Believe it or not, summer is right around the corner and summer camp season is upon us!

To help you navigate the many wonderful camps in Denver, we have compiled a Colorado Summer Camp Guide for 2020.  In addition to this directory, we will be featuring a variety of Denver camps over the next few months that give a more in-depth glimpse of camp life so keep checking in.  Also, don’t procrastinate–many spots are filling up quickly! 

Camp Categories

Arts Camps (music, dance, etc.)

Academic Camps

Outdoor Camps

General Camps

Sports Camps


Featured Summer Camps

Pedalheads Bike and Trail Camps

Pedalheads offers learn-to-ride bike programs in over 140 cities across Canada and the USA. In Colorado, you participate in our bike and brand new trail program! 

Learn-to-Ride Bike Camps

Our program is reputed for helping kids ages 3-12 get off training wheels and safely ride on the road. Our program includes:

  • Beginner to advanced levels
  • 3-hour half-day camps and 7-hour full-day camps
  • Private lessons
  • Before and aftercare options
Bike camp locations: Boulder, Broomfield, Castle Rock, Hampden South, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Parker, Stapleton, and Washington Park.
NEW CAMP: Trail Biking Adventure
Kids ages 4 and up love Pedalheads Trail because they go on an adventure through varied paths around Stapleton Central Park. They will develop trail riding skills while learning bike safety, trail etiquette, and cool tricks like wheel lifts!

Trail camp location: Stapleton.

Register at

Keystone Science School

 Keystone Science School hosts a wide variety of programs including overnight, adventure, and day camps which all combine Science, Adventure, & FUN! Our flagship program is our traditional overnight camp known as Discovery Camp. Every Discovery Camp session includes a backpacking overnight, challenge hike, team-building activities, and traditional songs by the campfire.  Campers can also choose from two Adventure based programs known as Keystone Voyagers or Keystone Mountain Adventures. As a Keystone Voyager, campers mountain bike, rock climb, day hike, or whitewater raft before finishing their night around the campfire. Keystone Mountain Adventures is our wildest adventure program where campers spend the majority of their time in the backcountry while backpacking and exploring National Parks around the mountain west. Our Day Camp programs are all based in Keystone, Colorado and each week-long session has it’s own programmatic theme. We incorporate creative activities, team-building, and investigative learning into each day.


Avid4 Adventure

This summer, experience the power of authentic outdoor adventure. Avid4 Adventure summer camps teach pre-K – 12th graders of all levels to climb, paddle, bike, hike and thrive in the outdoors. With help from our time-tested curriculum and experienced instructors (all 21+ and certified in First Aid and CPR), we give campers solid outdoor skills and character-shaping confidence they can use at camp and beyond, launching them into a lifetime of empowering adventure. We transport kids to nearby crags, trails and bodies of water to adventure in authentic settings and discover local recreation areas they (and you) can keep coming back to. Camps teach kids to assess their environment and approach risks intelligently, building a foundation of confident, sound judgment they can use in the outdoors—and throughout their lives. Camps run weekly from May-August in 11 Colorado locations. Don’t miss their residential and expedition camps as well. Learn more and sign up at, call 800-977-9873 or email

Iliff Adventure Day Camp

Iliff’s Post-Kindergarten Adventure Summer Camp is designed to provide experiences for everyone to build lasting relationships that encourage healthy development, positive risk-taking and a sense of belonging and security. Campers spend their days with professionally trained counselors who focus entirely on the success of the children, encouraging them to explore and play, swim, participate in sports, and experience activities in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and music). In addition, campers explore all that Denver offers in privately- owned school buses.  Enrollment forms and Weekly Themes (Post kindergarten-Age 12) available online or by calling the center. Ask any camper and they will tell you….it all adds up to a super fun summer.

Denver Kent School

Have the best summer ever at Kent Denver School! We offer 100+ camps for kids ages 3–18 in arts, athletics, tech, academics & more! Partners offering camps at KDS this year include Eurekus, Central City Opera, Denver Children’s Choir, Lighthouse Writers & TriVelo.

  • Perform in Lion King, Beauty & The Beast, Fame, Seussical, Hairspray, or Magic Treehouse. Explore Hogwarts, sing with Denver Children’s Choir or Central City Opera, and more!
  • Sports camps with Kent Denver’s legendary coaches: basketball, field hockey, football, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, volleyball, strength/conditioning, plus bike camp with TriVelo!
  • Arts classes in painting, sculpture, photography, cooking, ceramics, fabric, paper mache and more for kids of all ages!
  • Tech classes in VEX robotics, coding, architecture, plus amazing STEAM classes from Eurekus!
  • Academic opportunities speech & debate, transitioning to middle and high school, creative writing with Lighthouse Writers, SCUBA certification, outdoor survival, future doctors, young architects and more!

Go to

Play-Well TEKnologies

Dream it, build it, wreck it, repeat in these LEGO-inspired engineering summer camps! Your kid will engineer interesting projects, engage in critical thinking, work collaboratively and learn STEM concepts through playing with LEGO. Play-Well staff have backgrounds in engineering, astrophysics, mathematics, education and more. Their love of LEGO® and STEM create a unique and vibrant learning environment. The kids have an absolute blast playing with LEGO® while also exploring new ideas, gaining knowledge and making friends.
Each Play-Well camp includes over 20,000 LEGO pieces! Kids can choose from different themes like Star Wars, Minecraft, Harry Potter, Robotics and Stop Motion. Campers ages 5 – 12 get to travel into their favorite worlds where they can build with LEGO-like never before. Play-Well has camps all over the Denver area as well as many other cities in Colorado including Fort Collins, Boulder, Colorado Springs and more.

Blue Mountain Ranch

Blue Mountain Ranch, located 35 miles west of Colorado Springs in Florissant, CO, was founded in 1946 by Coach Bill and Dorothy Allen of Fort Worth, with the idea that kids needed a fun safe place to play and to get way from the school and social pressures children face. For the last 74 years, this idea has been carried on by their daughter, Suzie, and now her sons, Tim and David.  With an emphasis on participation over competition, BMR offers campers the chance to choose their own activities and encourages them to participate in as many activities as possible, thus promoting growth and independence. BMR continues to enrich the lives of children from all over the US and the world and is a fun safe place for campers to disconnect from technology while reconnecting with the wonders of childhood in the great Colorado outdoors.

Dinosaur Ridge Summer Day Camp

Dinosaur Ridge Summer Day Camps are an unforgettable adventure! We offer 9-weeks of day camps for campers ages 6-13. Each weekly camp offers an exploration of the Dinosaur Ridge fossil sites, hands-on science projects, as well as expert guest presenters in the fields of paleontology, geology, art, earth science, or local plants and animals. These experiences are designed to foster excitement and wonder for science, art, and the outdoors while engaging in our hands-on educational curriculum. Our weekly camps keep kids moving and discovering in the incredible setting of our National Natural Landmark. The small group sizes give every camper the opportunity to play, explore, and expand their knowledge. Camps run weekly from June through early August, learn more and register at or email

Denver Fencing Center

Denver Fencing Center will offer 11 different week-long day camps during summer 2020. Their camps are the perfect way to introduce a beginner to the sport or take your fencing up to the next level. They also provide kids with a fun way to exercise and meet new friends over the summer. They have been doing this for over 15 years and have developed a proven method for creating successful fencers through their camps. This year, they will offer Beginner, Little Fencers, Competitive, Medieval, Ninja (Fencing + Parkour), and Samurai. Denver Fencing Center Summer Camps are the highlight of kids’ summer plans!

Lighthouse Writers Workshop

The Young Writers Program at Lighthouse connects children and teens to literature, new friends, and a writing community. Our workshops, whether at Lighthouse or at one of our dozens of partnering sites, are taught by published and award-winning authors and are designed to foster creativity and self-expression and to empower youth to find their voices through creative writing. Lighthouse’s Young Writers Camps are led by published and award-winning writers, and each one is designed to teach specific writing skills and spark excitement about writing. Our hands-on workshops are full of crafting, drawing, map-making, role-playing, and, of course, creating through the written word! Half-day, full-day, and extended day options are available for all age groups throughout the summer. Camps will run June through August.

It’s not too late to add your summer camp to our guide! Be sure to go here for details. 

Coming Soon: Denver Summer Camp Guide

Mile High Mamas will soon be launching our 2020 Denver Summer Camp Guide. Now through February 10th, you may post your listing for free:

What sets us apart is we not only offer an easily-searchable directory but we also offer blog post features for your summer camp at affordable rates. Be sure to email us at for additional details.

Bring on summer!

Want your child to learn to code? CodeWizardsHQ is a win!

Technology: Love it or leave it? Personally, I’d prefer to just leave a lot of it but our kids are growing up in a tech-saturated world and my 12-year-old son Bode looooooves video games. I, however, do not love the time wasted with video games. So, how can we reach a comprise where I feel like his time online is well-spent at least some of the time? 

 CodeWizardsHQ Curriculum

Enter: CodeWizardsHQ which offers a structured and comprehensive multi-year online curriculum available for grades 3rd-12th. Their unique approach combines the benefits of teacher-led instruction and the ease and convenience of online classes. Students attend weekly online classes from the convenience of your home.  Classes are teacher-led, student-centered and project-based. Beginner to advanced experience levels are offered. As students progress course to course, they learn popular programming languages including; Scratch, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, MySQL, and more.  

Bode learned more during his 3-week-long beginner Python class than he did after attending Scratch classes at our local library for 2+ years.  So, what’s the difference? He says CodeWizardsHQ is “interactive, fun and it does a great job building upon the principles of coding.” The courses are deliberate, well-orchestrated and with class sizes under 8 students, instructors are not overwhelmed on the live chats or video conferencing. 

Bode says, “I loved learning how to build my own games. My favorite project was when we designed a game so the fruit would come off and you would click the fruit before it would disappear. There was a scoring mechanism and it was cool to create something I would play in real life.” 

Homework: The Fun Kind

After each class period, they had a homework project that would supplement what they learned every day. It would take Bode between 5-30 minutes and they were enjoyable since they were in the format of a game. If he had questions, students get 24/7 access to course materials and recorded sessions to review course content. They also get 24-hour email support from instructors and also live 1×1 instructor help during our office hours. This support is included in course fees.

Progress Report

Does your child ever go to camp and school and you wonder what they’re doing all day? CodeWizardsHQ sent a daily progress report including their “grade” in the quizzes. 

Missing Class

Have to miss a class because, you know, life?  CodeWizardsHQ records every class as it is delivered. Shortly after the class is over, they make those recordings and the class slides available to the students in that class. These recordings and slides make it easy for students to have another look at the material or catch up on a missed class.

Keep Learning

At the end of each students are assigned a capstone project that incorporates all the skills learned during that course. Every student who successfully completes this capstone project receives a certificate of completion, recognizing the skills they’ve learned and the level of mastery they’ve achieved.

Before Bode’s Python class was complete, I was impressed to receive an email detailing next steps:


They have a structured, long-term coding program that prepares your child for academic and professional success. The program finalizes with a capstone project, internship or a la carte courses that give students real-world web development experience or preparation for exams to earn college credit. Their student’s portfolios stand out in college applications and give them a competitive edge.  

Whoa…an Internship?

After completing all of CodeWizardsHQ’s courses, students are eligible for a 6-month internship with a partner nonprofit organization. This internship will give students real-world web development experience, allowing them to build a portfolio and stand out on college applications. 

Testimonial from a Pro 

My husband owns a Denver-based web development firm and he has been really impressed with the skillset that my son is gaining.  “This place [CodeWizardsHQ] is the real deal. I like how they covered a wide range of topics and taught kids in an engaging way to get them excited and interested about an awesome field of work.”

Go to Code Wizards HQ for more information about their late-summer and (soon) fall courses. 


Kids, Camp & Sexual Assault Prevention

Summer camp has a special place in my heart and will forever symbolize childhood joy. I loved sleepaway camp so much that I went back years later to be a counselor. I didn’t receive much training and I certainly wasn’t prepared for the day a 12-year-old camper told me that one of the camp administrators made her uncomfortable because he’d wanted to walk alone with her – again.

I was 19 and clueless, but I was also assertive. I told my camper that I was really glad she told me, that I would address the situation, and that she could always come to me with her concerns.

Then I got pissed and put on my big girl pants. With a chill in the morning air and the hair standing up on the back of my neck, I sought out the administrator, who was also my boss. I looked him in the eyes and told him that one of my campers was uncomfortable with his attention and let him know, in no uncertain terms, that he should never ever be alone with her again – and that I would be watching.

I’ve thought about this encounter many times and want to continue to play my part in keeping kids safe. Click to keep reading Kids, Camp and Child Sexual Assault.

Summer Camp: Preparing kids for the game of life, on and off the court

Bill Hanzlik started his summer camp in 1986 because girls basketball camps were not offered at that time. Bill, having three daughters and being a former NBA player and coach, wanted to provide an opportunity for girls to work on their basketball skills in the summer. That vision grew into a boys camp within a few years and snowballed into a two-week summer basketball camp for players in 2nd – 9th grades.

This camp is Denver’s longest running youth basketball camp and features some of the best and brightest coaches in the sport. There are former high school coaches, current college coaches and current and former college players. It’s a dream come true for the players in attendance. Plus, Bill makes sure he’s there every day and brings tons of prizes with him. Players can win Denver Nuggets tickets, Colorado Rockies tickets, National Western Stock Show tickets, Water World tickets, Molten backpacks, Gold Crown sunglasses, Denver Nuggets gear…and much more! This camp emphasizes fun while learning and includes drills, games and an end-of-camp tournament that always brings out the competitive spirit in the players and coaches.

Looking for a volleyball camp this summer, too? Similar to Bill’s basketball camp, the Gold Crown Volleyball Camp began as an opportunity for youth players in Denver to work on their skills in the summer. This camp boasts current college coaches and players from Metro State University at Denver. Participants will learn how to bump, set and spike while playing games and having fun. There are multiple sessions available to balance competition and maximize everyone’s experience. Players will compete each day for prizes and will have an opportunity to go home with some great gear.

Denver Nuggets/Bill Hanzlik Basketball Camp

WEEK 1: July 8th – 12th

COED 2nd – 4th: 10 am  – 12 pm
BOYS 4th – 6th: 1 pm – 4 pm
BOYS 7th – 9th: 5 pm – 8 pm

WEEK 2: July 15th – 19th

COED 2nd – 4th: 10 am – 12 pm
GIRLS 4th – 6th: 1 pm – 4 pm
GIRLS 7th – 9th: 1 pm – 4 pm

Gold Crown Volleyball Camp

June 24th – 27th

GIRLS 3rd – 6th: 9 am  –  12 pm
GIRLS 7th – 10th: 9 am – 12 pm OR 1 pm – 4 pm

Want to bring a friend or group of friends? Check out our Buddy Pass option to help you save on registration. We also offer camp scholarships on an as needed basis. If you have any questions, you can email

Register at See you at camp!

Run away with the circus with this summer camp!

Your child will have a magical summer learning how to walk the tightrope, soar on the trapeze or silks, practice their new acrobatic skills on the trampoline, climb the Chinese pole, throw a pie in a clown’s face, and even juggle the clown noses! All the while getting to know their new best friends.

 MOTH Contemporary Circus Center is located in the RiNo Arts District in downtown Denver. MOTH is a collaborative environment where children of all ages can develop circus skills in a safe and supportive environment. MOTH or Movement Of The Heart, is a home that helps foster creativity and welcomes everyone through our doors. 

MOTH CCC adheres to a strict set of safety procedures to ensure campers stay healthy and follow proper progressions to avoid injury.

At MOTH we have the same philosophy for our summer campers as our adults in our professional training program.


Learning is the place to begin with any performing arts program. Whether you are an inspired beginner or seasoned professional, learning is the first step toward your development as an athlete, artist, and human being.


Training is the next step in your development as a circus performer. This is the time to take what you have learned, work hard, have fun, and become part of a community. Having the discipline to train on a daily or weekly basis will enable you to become your best and get the most from our Denver circus school programs.


Creation is the time to rely on your inspiration and intuition. By training hard you will have the confidence to focus your skills and technique, and turn your attention to creating something that reflects your individuality. Expression is an essential component of becoming an artist, and an important element to your comprehensive circus training.


Performance is your ultimate expression of self. It is the culmination of everything you have accomplished, and is truly a movement of the heart! Through your circus and acrobatic performances, you will see all of your hard work, studies, training, and creativity come to full fruition, and you’ll never want to stop.

Our campers truly run away with the circus. MOTH will become their home both athletically and artistically; the circus has something for everyone.

Our fun-filled camps conclude with face-painting and our campers perform on the last day of camp in their very own big show!

The circus has come to town!

Each session is tailored made to your child’s age and skill level.

CIRCUS CAMP – ages 6-9 – June 3rd – June 14th

CIRCUS CAMP – ages 9-13 – June 17th – June 28th

TRY ME MINI CIRCUS – ages 4-6 – July 1st – 3rd



Go to for additional information. 

STEAM Camps: Explore, Design, Create for Teens!

Finding something constructive for teens in the summer can be daunting. Luckily, Gold Crown Foundation STEAM Camps have you covered! With 4 options this summer, campers will learn about the art of letters, how to create YouTube content, how to create a personalized game controller and how to build a drone. Teens 12 – 18 years old are welcome to attend one or all of the camps this summer. Space is limited so reserve your spot now!
4 reasons to attend STEAM Camps:

  1. Calligraphy with coffee grounds! Not sure what that would look like? Then you need to be at this camp! Our Language of Letters Camp will have campers exploring whimsical font styles while creating calligraphy with coffee grounds and bold letters with bottle caps. Campers will also learn how to use digital photography techniques to document their process.
  2. The next YouTube sensation could be you! If you’ve ever seen the viral YouTube stars and thought about creating your own videos, Camp YouTube is for you! Using professional equipment, campers will develop skills for video editing and audio engineering. Campers will also learn the different marketing skills that YouTubers use. You could be the next viral sensation after attending this camp!
  3. Personalized game controllers! If you’ve ever played a video game and thought that the controller wasn’t the perfect fit for your hands you’ve come to the right place! By the end of the week you’ll be able to play a video game with your own personalized controller. Campers will use stat-of-the-art technology to build a controller from scratch and put it to use in a competition at the end of the week. Game on!
  4. Drones! Have you seen any weird lights in the sky lately? Chances are it was a drone. Want to build your own and learn how to fly it? Look no further than our Drone Camp. This camp is designed for beginners who are interested in learning about drones and how they are used in recreational, commercial and competitive settings. In just five days, campers will build, program and fly their own micro-quadcopters. There may even be a drone race at the end of the week!

Camps are offered in June and July from 9 am – 12 pm at the Clubhouse at Edgewater or the Best Buy Teen Tech Center. A full-day option is available! Stay for a free lunch and stay for our afternoon Clubhouse hours. Sign up at

Questions? Email for more information.

See you at camp!