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Halloween Yoga for when you feel dead inside

Are you overwhelmed and dispirited by the sheer demands of Halloween? As moms, we give a lot of ourselves in October. It’s hard work to put up a huge Halloween yard display and make creative family costumes during a pandemic. Do yourselves a favor and carve out a few minutes for yourself today to do […]

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Humor: Millennial Dads vs. Baby Boomer Dads

YouTube comedians Taylor Calmus of Dude Dad and Myles Montplaisir of You Betcha are on a mission to bring more laughter into the world, and they’re doing just that with a new clip that’s going viral. In the wake of the world discovering that Gen Z has a major beef with their grandparents’ generation, the Baby Boomers, Calmus and Montplaisir […]

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Hilarious spoof on what moms are like goes viral

Just how “mom” are you? Trey Kennedy, a comedian with a knack for creating hilarious videos, recently did a spoof on what moms are actually like that will make kids, teens and parents chuckle. He shared the clip — which is appropriately titled “Moms”— on his Facebook page, and it instantly went viral. How many […]

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The Boy and the Piano: Some gifts are more than a gift

Sometimes, a gift is more than just a gift. John Lewis & Partners released a Christmas commercial starring Elton John. Titled “The Boy and the Piano,” this year’s story “is about the power of a gift,” the company said in a statement. “And how that gift inspired, changed and influenced the course of a little […]

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TEDxMileHigh Talk on Affordable Natural Outdoor Playgrounds for Preschoolers

A TEDx talk by a Colorado expert on how outdoor play for preschool children enhances learning and has lasting health benefits of outdoor play. In the 12-minute talk, Sarah Konradi speaks as a parent, landscape architect and director of the National Wildlife Federation’s Early Childhood Health Outdoors (ECHO) Initiative, ECHO is renovating more than two […]

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