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My Little Butterfly Murderer: Coming Soon to Dateline

My daughter Hadley’s butterfly obsession began last summer when my parents bought her a butterfly net and book. She was not quick enough to capture even one. That’s why I wasn’t too surprised when she announced she wanted a butterfly kit for Christmas. It seemed like a brilliant strategy: if you can’t catch ‘em, why […]

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'Do you know something?' Funny things kids say!

When my son was about five, he went through an extremely annoying phase. Everything he said had to be prefaced by, “Do you know something?” And I mean everything My responses are varied but usually, I said, “Yes, I know everything.” Undaunted, he blabbered on.  One day, he and his BFF Seanie had an entire […]

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Bribery and uncovering the truth about the Easter bunny

I’ve always believed it’s important to instill magic in my kids’ childhood and my husband and I have played along with the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa et. al. We’ve been careful to never put too much credence into them but my kids’ overactive imaginations have taken care of that. For Christmas, we’ve kept the […]

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Don't Miss These Funny Adventures in Babysitting!

I can’t remember what I charged for babysitting back in The Dark Ages when I was a teen but it certainly wasn’t anywhere close to the going rate for babysitters in Denver (thank heavens my kids are teens and childcare is no longer an issue). When my daughter turned The Age of Responsibility a.k.a. 12ish, […]

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