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Forget “The Bachelor”–Watch the Hilarious Parody “The Babysitter”

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This one’s for you, fans of “The Bachelor.” We all know the format of one of the longest-running dating show franchises on American television: singles vying for love show up in a limo, tout their charms and hope to fall in love with that season’s bachelor. This begs the question: could this method of matchmaking be applied to other aspects of life? 

Brooke from What’s Up Moms thinks so. The vlogger stars in a hilarious new parody that gives “The Bachelor” a mom-ified twist. “The Babysitter” shows Brooke’s quest to choose the perfect person to watch her children out of a pool of eligible contestants.

The competition is heated to say the least. “I’m not here to make friends,” one contestant states in the spoof preview. “I’m here to make $15 an hour.”

Cue the cat-fights!

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