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Women’s Ski Week

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I don’t think it’s news – I love snowboarding. I love feeling like I’m flying down a mountain. I feel like it is where I belong. I started skiing when as a kid – we were told we were going to ski as part of our gym class growing up in Steamboat Springs. Then life happened. We moved to Denver. My parents weren’t really into skiing and we didn’t really have the money. Then I got married and had small kids – and again didn’t have the money (at least not the money to pay for lift tickets AND babysitting) so I didn’t ski. For a LONG time.
Then when my son was in 5th grade and was eligible for a free pass. I told him I would learn something new too. I would take on snowboarding. It was awful but I wouldn’t let a board beat me – so I tried again and since then I have loved the sport. I have been an advocate that there are deals out there and to not let the barriers of money be something that stop you from doing something fun (you can score deals on the equipment AND lift tickets). I have kindly been inviting my friends to come with me. No matter if it is something to do with the whole family or an escape you do with your girlfriends (hello, guys get golf?) Just try it. Try learning how to fly with me!
I like snowboarding but I’m going to try skiing again. This week is Women Ski Week in Breckenridge. With all kinds of fun events. Including a women & wine event on Wednesday; Thursday includes a Fireside Chat with other women skiers (Olympians!) and Friday is Ski Camp. Top women ski instructors offer three days of hands-on instruction, that they swear will change the way you tackle the mountain. With over 30 years of instruction experience per person, the team of women instructors know how to help you find the confidence and abilities to do what you’d like in your skiing and can show you how to get there. With video analysis, a supportive women’s only environment, plus lunches provided – you’ll wonder why you didn’t participate earlier. 
Will I see you there on Friday?
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  • comment avatar Amber Johnson February 15, 2017

    This looks AWESOME!!!

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