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Contest: Your Healthcare Questions Answered (and win $100 and $500!)

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If I had to make a Top 10 Most Dreaded List, selecting a healthcare plan and dealing with the ongoing complication of co-pays, deductibles, what is covered, what doctors are “in network,” terms like “HSA,” generic vs. non-generic prescriptions and so many more are enough to overwhelm the best of us. 

I grew up in Canada with socialized medicine that involves a single-payer system where the government finances and provides the care. There are huge pluses to this kind of system where you’re guaranteed care but there are also long waiting lists and substandard treatment. There’s no question that American health care, a mixture of private insurance and public programs, is a mess. And when you’re self-employed like my husband and me, navigating our healthcare is an ongoing battle. 

When UnitedHealthcare offered to team up to help bring clarity to the confusion, I was all-in. I appreciate the efforts they are making to help everyone (not only their customers) understand the intricacies of healthcare plans in a fun way.

Some additionally awesome news: you have three separate chances to win big cash prizes in their sweepstakes from February 1st-28th.  Each engagement has its own sweepstake with the following prizes:

• One $100 weekly winner

• One $500 monthly winner

    1. Health Facts 1 2 3. This simple, 3-question multiple choice quiz addresses how to use your healthcare plan. Take their Health Facts 1 2 3 quiz herefacts
    2. Look and Learn: Watch this short video about what steps you take after enrolling in a healthcare plan. After watching it, answer one question that pertains to the video. looklearn
    3. Perfect Match: How’s your memory? This fun memory/concentration game with generic health care terms helps you understand the basic terminology that you may come across in your health care plan.perfectmatch

Note: You do not have to have UnitedHealthcare to enter.

In partnership with Mile High Mamas. Go to to find out how they are helping consumers feel empowered about your healthcare knowledge and helping you make more informed choice for your family.

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