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Cider-glazed Brussels Sprouts with Crispy Pancetta

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Just when you think you know someone (yourself), you get thrown entirely for a loop. I spent many years drinking Diet Coke, only to get a job where they sold only Pepsi products and I preferred Diet Pepsi.

My mom regularly made steamed Brussels Sprouts covered in melted cheese for special holidays and I swore off Brussels Sprouts forever. Until I went to Crested Butte and ate django’s Fried Brussels Sprouts with Cider Reduction, Pistachios and Apples. Game. Changer. Maybe even a life changer. It remains one of my favorite restaurant dishes of all time.

I’ve learned that I don’t like steamed, slimy Brussels Sprouts but my gosh when they’re flash fried or roasted to crispy perfection? Amazing. That’s why I absolutely love this recipe. I added sweet potatoes to the mix and my husband (who hates both vegetables) came upstairs while I was cooking.

Him: “Something smells goooooooood.”

Me: “I’m making Cider-glazed Brussels Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes with Crispy Pancetta.”

Him: “Something smells medioooooocre.”

But even he had to admit this healthy recipe is a keeper!

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