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Cuteness Alert: Meet the 2032 Olympic team

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Warning: Cuteness overload ahead! Some of these talented kids are excelling in sports before hitting kindergarten. 

Parenting website Fatherly is celebrating those moments with a video of future Olympians and the parents who encouraged them along the way. Watch for 2-year-old gymnast Arat Hosseini, slugger 4-year-old baseball player Eston Haskiell, golfer Michael Patton, seen playing in 2013 at 3 years old and a pretty amazing pint-size boxer. 

This video has been a huge hit with Fatherly’s audience of millennial dads with millions of views in just a few days. 
The video, which features a baby freestyle swimmer, toddler table tennis player and pint-size boxer (the future stars of the 2032 Olympic team), has been a hit with Fatherly’s audience of millennial dads, garnering 33 million views on Facebook since it was posted last week. 

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