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Make Summer Library Visits Fun and Help Prevent the Summer Slide

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How do you help to entertain your children during those long, lazy summer days? How do you help prevent the summer slide where students lose some of the achievement gains that they made during the school year?

My kids know that we spend much of the summer traveling, hiking, and visiting Colorado spots that are new to us as well as our old favorites. We also spend a lot of time hanging out at the house where they play outside, create things with our craft supplies, and, yes, play video games. In addition to all those fun activities, I try to squeeze in some learning time. One of the ways that I do this is with weekly visits to our library.

On library day, we head over to the library and spend an hour wandering around. I found that my kids were getting the same books over and over again. There is nothing wrong with that but I wanted to encourage them to try something new. The nonfiction section of the library is full of books just waiting to teach us something. There are books on taking care of pets. Pick up a cookbook and learn a new recipe together as a family. Grab a book about wildflowers or birds and take it with you on your next hike.

Did you know that the library usually has a great travel guide section? If you are going on a trip, have your kids pick out some books on your destination so that you can plan. There are books full of jokes and riddles, though you might find yourself enduring days and days of “Mom, I have a joke for you.”

Help your kids learn how to do something new. Learn how to make paper airplanes, fold origami, or draw dinosaurs. The possibilities are endless. Use this checklist to explore new parts of the library. Every time your child grabs a new book from the list, have them check it off with a sticker, stamp, or checkmark. Happy reading!

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Jennifer Close is a teacher librarian and travel blogger. Her family left the beaches of Pensacola, Florida for the mountains of Denver, Colorado. She likes to read, craft and look for adventures with her children and you can find her at Two Kids and a Map.

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