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Our Exclusive Skype Interview with TV Host Kelsey Nixon: Tips for fun lunches and quick dinners

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If we’re being honest, I dread making school lunches and dinner after a long, busy day.

Yes, that accounts for two-thirds of our daily meals for all you mathematicians out there.

kitchenconfidenceThat’s why I reached out to cooking guru and TV host, Kelsey Nixon, and she dished out some tasty tips on healthy, delicious meals. If you’re not familiar with Kelsey, this self-made Cooking Channel star of Kelsey’s Essentials is passionate about making anyone and everyone more confident in the kitchen and was written with moms in mind.

At 4:50 we talk about fun, creative and delicious lunches and, most importantly, how to get your kids excited about eating healthy. “Eat with your eyes first.”

At the 8:00 mark, we talk fast, easy dinner ideas for Mom to whip up after a long day. Kelsey’s go-to meal might surprise you!

At 10:30, Kelsey discusses the one, amazingly versatile ingredient that is sitting on your grocery store shelf that you don’t think to pick up.

Kelsey just published a delicious new cookbook Kitchen Confidence  and at the 11:10 mark, she describes the one cooking item she can’t live without.

At 12:00, Kelsey shares her one tip for moms to achieve a work-home life balance.

Be sure to check-out our video call via Skype as a part of Skype Moments!


Over these next weeks, we will be sharing a few of Kelsey’s favorite go-to recipes. Be sure to try her delicious Moroccan-Spiced Roast Chicken with Creamy Cilantro Sauce.

“The first dish my mom taught me to make was a roast chicken, and I’ve been making variations of that classic ever since. This recipe is simple enough to prepare for an everyday meal and reliable enough to be a standby for special occasions like having the in-laws over or inviting your boss to dinner. The potatoes roast along with the chicken, resulting in an automatic side dish– though Israeli couscous is a delicious accompaniment as well. This particular version of roast chicken has fantastic flavor thanks to essential pantry spices, which provide great dimension. The cool yogurt-cilantro sauce is finger-licking good. I like this flavor line-up so much that I use the same spice combination and creamy sauce with pork tenderloin that I throw on the grill– when I don’t want to heat up the kitchen.”

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