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Denver Deal: Black Friday Tips

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I honestly LOVE to shop on Black Friday. I think it has something to do with just saying I am there – among the throngs of people. I try to get some amazing deals too. Which means that I have to be savvy enough to know what to look for. Lucky you, I have some tips that I have learned that I would like to pass along.

1. Go with a friend – but in separate cars. I go shopping with my sister. When there is a store that we know that will have doorbusters but we both want something. One of us goes for one item and the other goes for the other. We have also had one person stand in line while the other shops and then switch places. We find that the line works best for stores like Best Buy. Also when you have a friend you have someone who can help you lift large and bulky items into our cart.

2. Bring the circulars with you. Not only are circulars good reading while you are in line, but you can also ensure that you receive the advertised price. I have had times when the cash register has not rung up the sale price and I pull out the circular to show the cashier and have had it adjusted.

3. Leave the kids at home. I love my kids. But often I am looking for something for them – and I don’t want them to see me get it. Also, since you have to start so early (late?) they can get cranky or upset and just make your whole shopping experience a melt-down opportunity.

4. Don’t hesitate. When you see something on sale (whether you saw it in the circular or just see it in the store) – get it. Get two! You can always return items that you don’t need/want (with receipt) but many times stores can not get any more of that item in stock or the price goes up (never to come down).

5. Fuel up. I don’t know about you, but when I’m hungry I’m grumpy (crowds don’t bother me, lines don’t bother me, crazy hours don’t bother me but GRRRR if I’m hungry….). Pack some light snacks in your purse or car to keep you fueled or take advantage of great deals like the FREE coffee at McDonalds.

6. Plan ahead. There are several timed promotions – so plan ahead to know where you are going and what time the store opens or ends their “Early Bird Specials.”

I hear that a lot of people despise shopping on Black Friday. But for all the shopping haters out there, there are obviously thousands to that DO like it and will be in the store with you. It remains to be seen how many people do go on Thanksgiving Day and just change up their family traditions vs still getting some of those Friday doorbusters. Will you please let me know which one you do and what great deals you get?

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