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Almost Grown Kids: Seriously in a Different Place

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This is what I am used to.  A teen daughter doing her teen thing.  My daughter has added a job to her list of attributes along with getting ready for her first prom.  My youngest is about to turn 11 next month and turning into a middle school typical boy.  Farting is funny and annoying his sister is a full-time job.  Why am I even discussing this?  Well, I’m being bombarded with blogs showing Naturals having their first babies and dealing with new marriages.  Sigh…I’m just in a different place.

It’s kind of funny to see these women discuss how they will raise their babies and how life is for them.  I get it.  You have it all figured out.  What they fail to realize is that the baby will come with his or her own personality and since you don’t know what that is yet;  you don’t know what the hell you are really getting into.  These are PEOPLE you will be raising.  I’m looking forward to their future posts for laughs.  I was once like them…

I’m more in the category with a favorite blogger of mine who got her baby going off to college at the end of this school year.  What a transition!  My oldest will be a senior next year so I’m going through a transition as well.  It’s kind of scary but no more scary then when that doctor put my daughter on my belly after giving birth.  I remember thinking what the hell am I gonna do with this baby?!?  Yea, reality was setting in but it really set in the first time I tried to go to the store with her.  All the crap I had to bring with me let me know my solitary life was over.  I’ve never regretted a moment since and never looked back.

So, enjoy your new journey as I enjoy the remainder of mine.  I’m giggling at your attempts at potty training or getting the baby to sleep through the night as I deal with rolling eyeballs and demands of seeing them as a person.  No matter what state you are in, you are in it for the long haul and let me tell you ….it’s a long rewarding one.

Do you have a favorite age/stage with your kids?

Sabrina R Perkins is a full-time blogger, natural hair enthusiast and finds herself daily evolving into a minimalist.  Sabrina’s background is in government regulation and with her Masters in Public Administration she’s gotten up close and personal with local as well as national politics right here in Colorado.  She has two kids, one in college and the other in middle school so her heart is in keeping her family healthy and happy as well as applying natural living into their lives.  Her blog is and you can follow her on twitter @NaturalSabrina.

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  • comment avatar Mara October 3, 2013

    I can so relate to this. My kids are in high school and I can’t help but think how did this happen so fast?!

    • comment avatar Sabrina @seriouslynatural October 3, 2013

      Yes, where did the time go? I’m still young (kinda)… I’m still cool (well, on most days)…why are you rolling your eyes at me? When did I turn into my mother? LOL

  • comment avatar Candace October 3, 2013

    Preschool. Preschool was my favorite stage. They were getting more independent yet still loved on me all the time. We could enjoy each other without all the stresses the school and life bring.

    • comment avatar Sabrina October 3, 2013

      Yes, preschool was amazing. All the love and admiration was wonderful. Now I get doubts about whatever I say. I love who they have become but I do miss when they were little.

  • comment avatar Deanna October 3, 2013

    I am so not there yet but I plan on it one day. My husband and I are just now in the stage of wanting to have kids even though we found each other later on in life. We, ourselves, are grown kids so it will be funny to see us act like the adults. I am looking forward to all the stages but if I have to guess my favorite stage it would be when they are babies.

  • comment avatar [email protected] Brown Beauty October 3, 2013

    I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’m even further along with a 26 year old young man who I have high hopes for but he’s not living up to his potential. Then, there’s the 18 year old who works but thinks work is all done so you can shop with all the money later. *sigh. Then there’s my youngest….special needs and I have to say he’s the least trouble of all.

    If I had to choose a stage, surprisingly it would be the terrible 2s. They are more manageable at that age. When they get “grown” (although they don’t have pots to piss in to call their own), it’s hard to be able to tell them anything.

  • comment avatar Sabrina October 3, 2013

    I can relate, I have a daughter in her first year of high school. I have a teenage son in his second year of high school, a daughter age 11 and a first grader so my life is pretty full, lol, so thankful to have a wonder husband during this journey called life. Teenagers live in a world of their own. My favorite stage was the stage before walking with one and the other would be terrible two’s but as time went on and learning independence, I kind of miss the days when they relied on me. I a 23 yr old. Trust me when they move out and get a real taste of life they want to come back..

  • comment avatar @NeoshaLatice October 4, 2013

    lol, this was pretty comical. Although I have yet to bear “churren”, I often find myself thinking I know the plan I’ll have when I do begin to have kids. The older women in my family say it all the time, “Just wait until you start having kids, you’ll see.” Ay dios mio! lol. This post is great!!!