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Device Vice? A panel discussion you won’t want to miss…

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Five more minutes. It’s all I need to wrap up that last thing I’m working on. Publish and…ugh, ok, just five more.

As a woman – and mom – both working and continuing my education in the field of technology, I find it difficult to strike a healthy balance between my relationships and the world behind the screens of the many devices filling – often flooding – our homes in this digital age. I absolutely love the fact that I can learn new tricks and tips from my small digital natives, but I do find it challenging to pull everyone away and achieve true, quality (device not included) family time.

So, when I saw that Douglas County Library was hosting a panel discussion on navigating family through an increasingly technologized world, I knew I had to attend. This series will include distinguished guests discussing pop culture, buzz topics and vital concerns – all on the dynamics of technology as it relates to families, daily lives, relationships and our futures.

If you’d like to attend:


Technology & Relationships Panel Discussion: Are we really talking anymore?
This panel will explore various opinions on what technology is doing to our relationships: Is it bringing us closer or pulling us a part? Are we communicating more or are our communication skills beginning to break down?

Thursday, August 8, 2013
Douglas County Library, Highlands Ranch
6:30 p.m.

Control Panel: Helping your family navigate an increasingly technologized world
Hosted by Douglas County Libraries in Highlands Ranch (9292 Ridgeline Blvd.), these entertaining discussions will transform the library into a community forum where guests will be encouraged to listen, learn, mingle and discuss issues facing our community.

Each program will be moderated by the talented Dominic Dezutti (Colorado Public Television 12), and will allow time for guests to enjoy drinks and ask questions.

Event registration – August 8 6:30pm


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