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Our Style Expert’s Advice for Dressed-up Denim for Date Night

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Valentine’s Day is one week away and I hope that all you beautiful mamas will be going out on hot dates!  It can be hard to transition from mom to wife at the end of a long day of chores, caring for kids and rushing around doing school runs and various errands.  And sometimes a date night can feel like more pressure – to look good, feel good, and be the lovely outgoing woman your man first fell in love with.

I’ve learned a few things regarding going out at night in my seven years of motherhood – coping strategies if you will.  The first and most important has nothing to do with style even though I’m writing this as a stylist.  It has to do with having your babysitter come an hour early so that you can get ready on your own.  If you have children that have a hard time transitioning to a sitter, this is even more crucial for you!  Having your children occupied and locking yourself in your room or bathroom will give you the “me time” you need to be able to focus on being, well, you.  Just lovely, amazing, you, free of demands and the many other roles you play on any given day.

I have also learned to pick up a pizza after I pick up my sitter.  Key word “after,” so the sitter can do their sitting in my car with my kids while I run in for a $5 Hot-n-Ready.  I love not having to worry about making dinner or worrying about a babysitter cooking!  Once we’re home I hand the kids over, stating that said sitter is now The Boss, I pour myself half a glass of wine, and I excuse myself to go prepare for my deserved night out.

Now comes the styling part.  I’ve made it easy and pulled together looks to go with whichever style of denim you happen to love to wear.  From plus-size and maternity to skinnies and wide legs, I’ve got you covered with pieces you can shop for locally between now and date night.  I think that moms are most comfortable in their favorite pair of jeans and rather than push women into dresses and skirts and spanx and tights, it’s more fun to dress up your denim for a fun night out.

Confidence and comfort are much more attractive than a woman who doesn’t feel like herself!  So go grab your favorite jeans and then check out the inspiration looks here to see what you already have in your closet that you can pair with them, or head out shopping with one of these specific looks in mind.

Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful mamas!

About Jill

Jill Carter is the owner of Common Couture, a local styling company that offers “High Style for the Common People”.  She is a Colorado native and mother of two and has been married to her high school sweetheart for 15 years.  Her passion is to help women see their true beauty and bring out their confidence through coaching and styling.

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  • comment avatar Amber Johnson February 6, 2013

    Great advice. I suppose this is where I confess I haven’t worn jeans since high school? :-)

    • comment avatar Jill Carter February 6, 2013

      Truly??? I don’t believe it! Let’s go shopping!!! :)

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