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Mom’s Night Out in Denver: Tackling Al Lado’s Whole Shebang

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When was the last time you had a girl’s night out?

Admittedly, I was long overdue so when Mile High Mama’s hard-working bloggers were invited to check-out al Lado, the new wine and tapas bar from Richard Sandoval, we were all-in. Ideally located on Little Raven along the South Platte River, this Latin-style, ultra-hip newish restaurant has a cozy vibe with some delicious tapas that are so authentic you’ll swear you’ve been plopped in the middle of Madrid.

Their menu is expansive (prices range from $4-15) but we were there to try The Whole Shebang. For $170, you get 18 Spanish-inspired small plates – for another $50 add any one magnum of wine from their entire selection (red, white or sparkling – great for celebrations)–perfect for a group of 6-8 hungry mamas.

We started out with the Spanish Olives & Candied Almonds and then the food just kept coming and coming. Blistered Shishito Peppers. Grilled Bread with Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Serrano Ham and Manchego Cheese (my favorite), surprises like bacon-wrapped dates with Valdeon cheese, Baby Octopus with Shaved Fennel Blood Orange Chipotle, Beef Tenderloin and Lamb Merquez skewers and Tortilla Espanola with roasted garlic aioli.

A few of our observations:

1) The food was unique, varied and tasty. We decided we would switch our focus from mom bloggers to food  if we could eat like that every day.

2) We visited on a Thursday and al Lado was packed with Denver’s coolest people. Who were out on a school night. Who knew such things even happened?

As our evening wound down, Mama Drama Editor Lisa gazed around the vacated room and commented, “We outlasted all the hipsters!”

Glad we figured out that sometimes there’s a lot more to week nights than homework .

Al Lado is located at 1610 Little Raven Street, Riverfront Park, Denver. Telephone 303.572.3000.

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  • comment avatar Mary February 3, 2013

    Is that the one tucked in behind Zengo’s? Have wanted to check it out but hadn’t heard anything about it. Looks yum.

  • comment avatar Gretchen Yoder February 3, 2013

    Sounds delicious! I really want to try it now.

  • comment avatar Lori Lavender Luz February 3, 2013

    LOL about being out on a school night and outlasting the hipsters. They probably thought WE were sitting at the cool table!

    Thanks, Al Lado, for a yummy and fun evening.

  • comment avatar jaime clar February 4, 2013

    It was so good to get to spend time with you all! Venue was awesome! I really enjoy this area of downtown – available parking, quaint atmosphere and of course…a funky/nottooedgy crowd. #soCOhipsta I think I maxed my mommy cool points for the month, lol! Highly recommend checking it out!

  • comment avatar Lisa February 5, 2013

    I loved the night with the fabulous MHMs and was thrilled al lado offered so many vegetarian options. Thanks Amber & al lado for fun #mhmgno!!

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