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Making Over Your Closet (Win a Wardrobe Consult from local stylist Jill Carter!)

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A new year is upon us and we are offered a fresh start if we choose to make one…

Most women’s resolutions have to do with changing or improving their body somehow and while pursuing health and fitness is a wonderful thing, not accepting yourself (body included) is not.  Any woman who has become a mother through pregnancy has seen her body stretch, morph, and do amazing, near unbelievable things.  Even though these changes are normal and beautiful, they can really do a number on our psychological sense of ourselves and make our closets a wasteland of unwearable clothing!

In your closet, you likely have a range of sizes and categories of clothing.  Used to fit, sometimes fits, probably won’t ever fit again but I really love it, and even if it fits I know I shouldn’t wear it anymore.  We have a hard time letting go!  Women are emotional dressers and certain pieces remind us of the times we wore them, which triggers sentimentality, which leads to a closet that is more like a messy museum than a functional space.

If your clothing is disorganized, you probably can’t find anything to wear and therefore think you don’t own anything worth wearing at all even though you’re staring at a closet full of clothes!  If you go into your closet armed with a few simple rules, you will come out alive, happier with your closet, and with a clear idea of what you need to shop for.  Some great music and a cup of coffee or a glass of wine might help too.

First rule:  Accept the shape and size you are today.  Don’t focus on a size or number as you look through your clothes.  Just like at the mall, a size 6 in one brand is a size 8 in another.  You must try everything on as you go.  If you’re hanging on to jeans that are too small, you’re wasting space and holding yourself back.  Your closet should only hold pieces that serve your life and fit your body.

Second rule:  Purge!  If it doesn’t fit, it must go to a storage bin, consignment, charity, or the tailor.  If you are planning to have more children or know that you can lose weight, put those pieces in an airtight bin and take them to storage.  If you have items that are currently in season and style, take them to your local consignment shop for trade or cash.  If you don’t think you can consign, give to charity.  If you love something and it’s too big, take it to your tailor!

Third rule:  Play in your closet!  Once you’ve cleared out anything that doesn’t fit, it’s time to play with what you have.  Try on your favorite summer skirt with a sweater and tights.  Pull out your belts and try them with your dresses or button down shirts.  Go through your jewelry and scarves and rediscover what you have.  Practice layering and put together a few outfits for days when you know you won’t have the energy to!

Lastly, sit down and make a list of things you’d like to add to your wardrobe over the coming year.  If you had to give up some important wardrobe staples during your purge, it should be your priority to replace and update those.  It’s wonderful to have an informed list so that when you’re out shopping with friends, you know what you’re looking for and feel triumphant instead of guilty when you find the piece you want!


Jill Carter is giving away a Wardrobe Consult to one Mile High Mamas reader.  During your two hour consult, she will help you go through your closet, putting together looks and purging the pieces that are holding you back.  You will gain a better sense of your personal style, a more functional wardrobe, and a list of most wanted items that will make your closet complete.  She will consign or donate your cast offs for you, sending you your cash and receipts!  ($200 value). Please go here to enter. Contest deadline is January 24, 2013.

About Jill

Jill Carter is the owner of Common Couture, a local styling company that offers “High Style for the Common People”.  She is a Colorado native and mother of two and has been married to her highschool sweetheart for 15 years.  Her passion is to help women see their true beauty and bring out their confidence through coaching and styling.

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