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Giving experience gifts can be a real pain (plus this season’s hottest toys)

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At the height of the recession, money was tight for most of my extended family. So instead of giving each other gifts that we didn’t really want or need, my sister-in-law Jane came up with a plan:

“This year,” she announced, “we will give each other experiences!”

She explained that our gifts would entail spending time together doing a memorable activity.

This was on my mind as we treated my in-laws to The Broadmoor’s epic holiday festivities. During the resort’s White Lights Ceremony–when 260,000 lights rival the night sky–they avowed it was something they vowed it was something they’d never forget.
So I fell in love with Jane’s idea. I never know what to get most members of my family; making memories seemed like a great alternative.
Unless, of course, they are bad memories.
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